Closed Beta vs Now

I feel like these sweeping nerfs to classes have gone too far. There were definitely a lot of balance issues in the last beta but each class fulfilled a certain fantasy very well in a way they no longer do. For example when I play psyker I want to use the special attributes of my force weapons constantly in order to manipulate the flow of combat but right now I feel like I can only manage a sputter of power before I have to pull back and take a hit of my inhaler. I don’t want to have to rely on the mundane weapons I share with the other classes when I should be a space wizard exercising my magic. Please push us back towards the gameplay of the closed beta, I’d much rather have to deal with that crazy special enemy spam from before than play these gimped classes that don’t feel very distinguishable from each other.


ive never used the staff AoE in a mission more than five times, and ive definitely wished i had a gun more than five times in the same mission

the peril use is just too damn high…

in fact, ive gotten killed a few times just because i brainpopped a special and then just didnt have the peril cap to “shoot” at a gunner or guardsman that cleared a door/corner

i wanna play the space wizard, not the space guardsman that can give headaches at range

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