Cloak of Mist ranged was fun.

Hey, even though how immensely broken it was, i feel like it was a really fun interaction to play.
It could be “fixed” instead of removed by halving the crit for ranged, removing the damage + cleave bonus for ranged while you have the bonus active or something.
At the same time of making it generate enough ammo instead of filling your ammo entirely, it would also fix the problem of you being able to kill 5-7 sv on every ult to bring it more in line with the double crit ult.

Obviously it was never intended to be like this but i just felt it was a fun build, that could stay in some form.

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Shade should really get more build variety. Ranged play should totally be viable, same with different weapon combinations like greatsword (which Shades in the lore actually use).

The same “bug” happened back in the early days of VT2

It was good fun while it lasted.

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