Cloak of Mist is amazingly fresh!

This is an amazing trade off to Cloak of Pain

It combines well with shade’s slay on kill as well as vanish, but it’s also extremely risky, as one mob facing the wrong way can instantly spell your doom!

The low cooldown makes it fun to use.

Good boss damage as long as the boss doesn’t focus you.

Overall a fun twist on shade!
Thanks and good job!

Oh no, people know about it. 3, 2, 1…gone.

Sad elf noises


Yeah… my fear exactly.
Parts of that talent… not sure if oversight or them actually being ok with them…

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Quick!..let us…euhm…down play it’s strenghts, maybe it’s not too late yet.

It’s strong but i wouldn’t say THAT strong. i would still rate shadowstep above it.

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Feels like crit EH. For 4 seconds.

let us focus on bloodfletcher for a couple weeks first. As that change is really important and actually breaks the game! It’s being nerfed into oblivion, i don’t think we can take such words lightly.

Why take blood fletcher when you have cloak of mist :angel:
See? Oblivion awaits (also, keep the salt to their respective posts pls)

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