Clipping, running attacks, silent backstabs

I’ve been experiencing a lot of running attacks and silent backstabs during many of the BBB patches. Now I’m also experiencing enemies clipping through the player AND the player clipping through enemies.

Did anything change in this respect? It’s crazy disorienting when the boss suddenly end up inside you or when you for no reason run straight through the charging clanrat, so that instead of dying it backstabs you.

Same issue as reported here, so not sure if it’s also in live version. I am sure I didn’t experience it to any larger extent before the BBB though.


Stuff like this happens fairly often in the live game as well. If FS can’t fix the silent backstabs from occurring due to spaghetti code/engine limitations, they should come up with a system that detects silent backstabs and make those attacks not do anything. It’s very unfair to punish players that have built up muscle memory of when to dodge/block due to audio cues.

Have you experienced any extreme clipping in live too? It’s one thing if the boss gets overzealous when smacking you, and you get pushed away, but something else entirely when you run through it.

I may be imagining that the silent backstabs and running or gliding attacks are worse in BBB, but I’ve never clipped through an enemy before (when I haven’t experienced the airwalkers ofc).

These issues exist ever since WoM released. They fixed bosses tho, a while back, but returning bugs shouldn’t surprise anyone by now…

Sure, the silent backstabs and the running attacks.

But I have never once clipped through an enemy when not doing weird shenanigans. I also never imagined being able to clip through a single enemy simply by a frontal collision, without any enemy density whatsoever. In fact, without any other objects or enemies causing collisions nearby.

Once a lower difficulty player told my teammate when he complained about bugs, that this game has no bugs and he probably “overplayed” his copy.
This might be your problem too. :rofl:
Sometimes I think too, that FS has to do nothing to the game and it deteroirates by itself…

Same problems here… But something like a visual clue for backstabs?

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