Clipped under map by packmaster on screaming bell

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Found a spot near the top of the long staircase in the second stage of screaming bell. Where it does a 180 degree turn upwards towards the bell. There was a ledge that the packmaster could grab me from below, and I got pulled through the floor out of bounds.

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As a packmaster on screaming bell, grab a character on the ledge above you.

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Hi @Wyldcloak,

Thanks for the report! If possible, could you please provide a screenshot of the exact location and ledge? This would help us to reproduce this. Thanks!

will do, just trying to get a game to that stage now and I’ll grab a screenshot

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Hi, I’ve attached a video of the ledge in question. I was playing WHC and was standing on this ledge when I was grabbed and pulled out of bounds by the packmaster.

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Amazing, that’s incredibly helpful - thank you!

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