Class visibility in QP/server browser

We know that FS will add more classes and we alredy have GK. New classes will probably be more specialized but we alredy have 2 classes who are almost only melee (trhrowing axe does not synergize well for slayer). I know many people are playing their “mains” but me and many more people like to chose class to compensate for weakness of other classes BH/WS/huntsman if someone started as GK/slayer, IB/FK/BW if team needs CC.

If we will get more classes that are highly specialized then it will be difficult to balance teams or we need more versalite classes but it would be less interesting.

There are mods and I use them at least to know character but it should be part of the main game.
I play with mods for so long that cant remember what is part of vanilia UI and what i got from mods.

If other classes will be of GK power level - who cares about class matchup. One half-decent GK is enough to carry the whole team.
Good idea tho. Server browser has been trash from the launch.

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