Class Suggestions:

Neophyte Hybrid
Niche “Stealth” and trapper, damage over time or fire support

Ability: Horemone Glands (Immune to melee range targeting for a period until he attacks)

Weapons: Autoguns, Singlehanded autogun, swan off shotgun or web pistol as part of melee

Unique weapons: Power maul (Ignores armour, stunn) or power pick (ignores armour, bleed), bio weapon (sword with toxic effect), dagger, webber, web pistols, needle auto sniperifle, needle pistol, mining lazer, heavy stubber, and sizmeic cannon, sawn off shotgun, wrench

Other weapons: Bolt action Sniper rifle, shotgun, autogun, auto pistol, bolt pistol, grenade launcher, flamer.

Grenade, Dynamite (Extremely powerful, but small radius and has a fuze)

Disgraced Officer/Noble

Niche: Buffs party, excels at close range but defensive, weak to ranged enemies, Slow as he refuses to do more than walk briskly, only has one set of weapons but two stances.

Ability: Bionic Eye Overload- Stuns enemies in combat range

Melee: Melee weapon in right hand
L2 - Superior Parry, Riposte on Sucess, Hold L2 - Block
R2 - Slash, Hold: Stab
R3 - Point Blank shot (cant reload in this stance)

Ranged: Pistol in right hand
L2 - ADS
R2 - Fire
R3 - Pushback Sword Uppercut
Grenade: Replaced with
R2 - Rally - Lock Party Toughness for number of seconds and
L2 - Battle Cry - Increase party speed for number of seconds

Weapons: Any Human Melee or Low Recoil Pistol, Exclusive: Plazma Pistol/Sabre and swagger stick (L2 block, R2 whack, heavy whack, R3, metal skull head/handle hit)

Hive Ganger

Niche: Glass Cannon, fast and easy to kill, something for your inner “edgelord”

Ability: Obscura Stash (Self Revive, limited uses, no recharge)

Ranged: Dual Pistols, Fired alternately.
R3: Doubleshot (Both pistols fire at once)
Square: Reload (Very Very Slow reload or: Holsters with snap mag holders)*

*See Tomb Raider 2001 movie for an example of this

Melee: Dual Icepick Grip Knives
R2: Slash, (Right hand, Left Hand, Both) /Underhand Shank
R3: Dual Overhand Stab

Grenade: Combat Stimm: Buffs own teams melee damnage


Niche: Direct Support: Countering enemies over killing them

Low Damnage, High Durability, Fast, But lacking range due to the ristriction to hip fire, he’s a faster, but less powerful ogyrn with unique abilities, who is immune to horde, and hound damnage from the front, but otherwise lacks armour, but can stun enemies with maul or bolas, he’s more about holding off enemies than directly damnaging them.

Ability: Breecher shield and pistol or shotgun combo (Limits movement?)
Melee: Breecher shield plus shock maul
R2 - Point stike/Heavy Overhand Bash
R3 - Charge Maul (If maul)
L2 - Block
Pistol: L2 - Accessory, R2 - Fire, R3 - Kick
Longarm: L2 - Gun bash, R2 - Shoot, R3 - Kick
Grenade: Choke Gas (damnage over time)


If an accessory is selected, it is used with the stub pistol or shotgun, basic accessory is a handheld torch, also available are underslung always on torches which allows ADS, a accuarcy weight (which allows bash), a lazer rangefinder, or underslung shotgun round barrel, shock rounds, second barrel, (R3 fires both barrels) or a batton for the otherhand with knockback bash, dumm dumm rounds (Single load) and both grenades for the launcher, and maneater rounds for the autorevolver).

Melee: exclusive shockstave and batton.

He can select for ranged: the upgradable 6 round stubgun, a concussion carbine (L2 - Blast, dump all ammo), shotgun and enforcer shotgun (can be used with abilty mode and upgraded), Bolter (L2 - full auto, no mass reactive shells?), doorkicker ram (L2 - pushback melee even on the largest enemies, but slow, grenade underslung) grenade launcher (pistol - stun grenades), autopistol (revolver type which can have maneater rounds), and a bolt action slug sniper rifle.


A veteran subclass, as an ability he can deploy a field medikit once per round with half the healing capacity of the medicae station.

a squat… i dont know much about squats

Special sniper rifle, hard to hit, has sniper, and pistol, but no melee weapon, just bash for both on R3.

Enemy Class
Chaos Marine