Class specific favourite icon (Loadout Manager help?!)

Hey Guys, I’m not sure if anyone has a system of organising there inventory but I really suck at it. I use the F key to favourite any equipment I use for a character/class but across all 5 classes this is alot of favourites especially for the trinkets etc. and its alittle confusing as it would be great to sort these and remove duplicates,

I did use the mod that lets you save multiple builds and even bot builds (Loadout Manager by Squatting Bear) but having lost this mod and the data I had stored I lost the will to live and wondered if something as simple as a class/character specific icon to show u have it in a current build…

I also want to follow this up with anyone else who has used the Loadout Manager to see if losing the information is recoverable after a patch or can be backed up in anyway? I had been crashing alot and for some reason I felt this mod was too good to be true so must be the cause of crashing…

I’ve never used the Loadout Manager mod so I don’t know what you mean about losing the data. It appears to still be an approved mod.

Do you have all of the required mods for it? You need to download Vermintide Mod Framework and Simple UI for it to work properly. Vermintide Mod Framework is used for all of the mods and has to be at the very top of the loadout and Simple UI needs to be above Loadout Manager.

I started using UI Improvements mod recently and I really like it so far. I can use the shortcut on the upper left hand side to switch between heroes and careers without having to log in/out to switch gear. I hope this helps!

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