Class Overhaul Info Please!

I was just making a joke post on the “general discussion” section. If I wanted this to be taken seriously I would’ve put it in the feedback section.

That said I still find it weird that the only information regarding this patch have been from non official source. I assume they will drop 1 huge preview post 1-2 weeks before the patch drops, but I would prefer several posts covering different changes coming up.

I especially would like to know what they meant by increasing the difficulty, and I really hope this doesn’t screw over a ton of weapons with breakpoints.


Not gonna lie, I only come to the forums to see if there’s any new info on the big update


Yeah, man, you’re right. This guy is totally unreasonable for asking about information on Darktide, a game that essentially relaunches in less than three weeks, on - hold on, lemme see here… ah, yes - the Darktide forums, part of a website specifically designed for talking about that kind of content.

Clearly he’s wrong for asking.


touch grass dude

But… but… but we are talking about a Hobby. :open_mouth:

I get your general sentiment, though. People are too anxious about the small stuff. Haha.
I can’t wait until the “re-launch”, either. Many good changes coming. Many hilarious bugs in all likelihood, too.
Much fun will be had.


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