Choas wasteland update, Launcher Crashes on Launch/Load up and on Launcher

Hello there, i have been playing this game for a couple days without problems before the new Choas wasteland updates, ever since then, i cannont get onto the launchers and when i do and try to launch the game, it is crashing the game before even gets a chance to start, This is of course on the Offical Launcher not the modded one, Any help is welcome please.

Things i done;
#Verified files.
#Uninstalled game and Redownload it fresh.
#deleted setting files in hope it creates a new one.

This is the error code it gave me.

GUID: 1f2dd47e-6916-4ad6-8a6d-76ad117ac66e
Log File:
Info Type:

Do you have any mods enabled? Most of the mods havent been updated with the new patch.

Are you on Windows 10

I can’t see much from your crash data unfortunately, as asked above, are you on Windows 10?

I had a similar issue. Restarted my PC though and that seemed to fix it, only problem was that after I started an expedition, my internet broke itself just as I finished a level, closing the game out on me. Only just now got it back after what I want to say was an hour or so of waiting. But yeah, try restarting your PC and see if that helps at all?

yup same problem here, running with windows 7.
verified files, latest drives, the complete works…
do we have anything on when this issue will be fixed ?

I’m on windows 10 and I’m still getting this issue. I don’t want to have to keep restarting my entire PC any time I want to play the new update.

Your internet is cutting out? This sounds like something else, which we may not be able to help with. Please create a new post in the ‘Technical Support’ category and include everything you may have tried to remedy it, and we’ll look in to it separately.

Hotfix live for the Windows 7 issue. :slight_smile:

That’s neither here nor there. The issue with the game is the launcher opens, but when I click play, the game doesn’t launch. I have to restart my PC in order for the launcher to be able to launch the game, and then once I close it out, or the game crashes, or closes for any other reason, I have to restart my PC all over again for it to work. Here’s the crash report now, before I head to sleep. Also again, I’m on Windows 10.

GUID: a28c5f53-e5b6-4491-971f-02f2ede2d2bc
Log File:
Info Type:

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