Character skins being recolours

The various different helmet and weapon designs characters can wear are epic. When will character armour skins actually affect armour design instead of solely being recolours?

When you pay cash.

Someone needs to pay the artist for the design, you can’t expect a brand new character design for free.

I think a better argument is, why don’t the cash skins have 1 or 2 color options.

And why are some classes still missing a paid skin.

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Because they are releasing them in waves, rather than waiting till they are all finished, as not all of them are.

but we do pay cash; base game plus character expansions plus cosmetic expansions. It would be really epic if we could customize the character armour designs alongside all the weapon and helmet design variations

While that sounds nice to have, it will never happen.
Without going into a long winded explanation about why that is, just chalk it up to this game having some very spaghetti code that works in a very specific way, and it cannot deviate from it.

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