Character (Kerillian) level reset?

Hello! Hope im writing into the right forum for this ^^

I’ve played the game as it launched on steam and played for about 120 hours before i took a break. I had some characters on max level and i played Kerillian at least to where i can choose all talents and i had all 3 class variants of her that im am 100% sure of.

Yesterday i came back to play some more cause i missed the game…and saw that Kerillian is level 1! She even had some 250-300 power gear on her still…but her level is back to 1. Either i really didn’t play her and have a bad memory…or she’s just back to level 1 for whatever reason ^^ but im sure i played all 3 of her classes…

hope someone can help :slight_smile:

Locking post as we’re handling this via the Support Portal.