Chaos Wastes expectations

I’ve always complained about vermintide/FS related issues without the need of insulting the devs because I think that solves nothing and you are not gonna get the attention of them by doing so. But the reality is that FS has failed to maintain an honest communication with the player base this last year, and also I think that they have also failed to deliver quality content in time.
So the expectations for Chaos Wastes are really high, getting 3 maps (1 like Dark Omens is completely unacceptable) and 2 weapons for each hero would be really disappointing taking in consideration the 8 months of development.
It is of course understandable that part of the team is split between DT and VT2, but you need to take care first of the player base that you already have.

I hope that someone from the dev team gets to see this, I’ve never seen an “acknowledged” tag in one of this kind of posts, and it feels that they dont even read the feedback, only the technical problem ones.

I just wanted to express how I feel about the whole situation.

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Where do you have any info on what the DLC will be other than not having a new enemy to fight on launch? How are people disappointed about the DLC without any info about it even available? Stop setting these grand ideas up in your mind so you just disappoint yourself no matter what it ends up being.


The “Acknowledged” tag is exclusively for bug reports. So you won’t see it anywhere in the Feedback subforum.

As for the rest, there is not much choice than waiting for the Wastes themselves. We only know that it will not contain new enemies in any form.

But I see with concern how the community is again raising the bar in an unrealistic and unhealthy manner: “If it doesn’t have at least …” In this context, two weapons for each hero are completely unrealistic regarding that we have already quite a large arsenal and also that two new weapons seem to come with each new career. That makes 15 new weapons over the course of about 18 months (since WoM released), meaning nearly one new weapon per month. That is a lot already. I am fairly sure that we do not get more than one weapon per hero. And expecting more is unrealistic and pre-set justification for later whining.


We know there is a new ranged weapon for saltz

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Yes, I believe FS did mention one weapon per character in their last stream.


I think 2 weapons for each hero is unrealistic (the whole weapon thing in itself is quite the slippery slope btw. we like variety so we enjoy them, ofc, but there’s only a finite number of real weapons to chose from. the new pistol for saltzpyre is already quite quirky. there’s also the problem of keeping weapons identity for a hero - saltzpyre not having bows, for example, kruber having no true AP weapon. personally i’d have preferred only elf and slayer to have dual weapons).
But I’m with you on the map part. I’m definitely not sure we’ll get 3, but like you i consider 1 unacceptable, and I have that target in mind.

What I’d mostly like to know is how it’s gonna be priced, and if/when we’ll see new map packs like drachenfels. Also if when we’ll see new stuff in the emporium, if part will be premium etc.

Edit: I’d also be happy to know anything story related, like the premises for the entire DLC (like WoM was: a warpstone meteor fell in the barony of meisberg and our heroes go investigate)

we do?

We do:





EDIT: cool, a teaser trailer! and we know a date!

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I dont really care about the quantity of weapons tbh, its not about “If it doesn’t have at least …” (I still believe that 1 map is unacceptable), my point was that they kept everything a secret. No news, no telling what we should expect, no nothing, and if you make that decision you cant deliver a DLC that it is the same as the other ones. And with that said, my problem is not with the DLC (which Im going to buy regardless because I love the game and I want to keep playing) but with the communication.

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Handgun does have good AP, but it has surprisingly low cleave (or penetration).
I can shoot a tagged gasrat or ratling through a small pack of trash rats with BoP, but not with handgun - at least last I tried. I also remember complaints about the handgun having terrible cleave/penetration.

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They just announced the release window for the DLC (so at least they are communicating about it now) and are absolutely definitely going to have a stream dedicated to it before releasing, you can quote me on this

Save the complaints until we know more about what the DLC will entail

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The #1 reason why “no new enemy types” is confusing for the Northern Chaos Wastes is because there is nothing in the game currently that would you ever find in the N Chaos Wastes aside maybe the errant Chaos Warrior Questing Knight or a Spawn…

You don’t have random northland hordes or skaven in the wastes themselves.

If they didn’t want to put daemons in the game, they should have released an Empire map pack or maybe Moulder/Skavenblight missions

The only real expectation I have is that the Chaos Wastes should look quite different from what we are used to. I’m sure we’ll get that part visually. I hope it’ll apply to the enemies in some form (for example, the khornate reskin of the chaos guys). If it doesn’t I’ll not cry out, but it would be a teensy bit disappointing, after the build up of the lohner’s posts, to have the usual enemies instead of something different. Format-wise I expect a few new maps, I think 4-6 would make a good improvement and a possible standard for an expansion (although I’m afraid this expectation is a bit optimistic).

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