Chaos Spawn Could Use A Better 'Head' Hitbox

Headshots are a crutch of bossfighting in Legend games. The more time spent fighting a boss usually increases the likelihood for failure, so being able to get that extra damage in is usually essential for successful runs. Compared to the other three bosses, Chaos Spawn feels really unrewarding to try to dps. I don’t have a problem with their aggression mechanics, I think they are the most fun bosses in the game to try to hold agro for, but trying to damage them just feels extremely obtuse compared to anything else in the game. Using ranged weapons, its unrealistic to try to focus on it’s head (even if it weren’t so tiny, it’s almost never facing you), so it just dissolves into mashing left click, and it really punishes precision weapons like elf’s Longbow which gets almost the entirety of it’s damage from headshotting. Besides even the bonus damage, it’s critical for the ammo sustain on things Huntsman’s longbow. Alternatively, in melee combat, they constantly kick non-agro’d team members away between their heavy attacks, and as the agro holder it’s almost impossible to manage sustained headshot dps like you can against a rat ogre. They really feel like they have no drawbacks, no interaction, compared to the other bosses in the game. I don’t think it would be too unrealistic, or lore-breaking, for them to have additional growths (such as mutated eyes, or just extra copy-pasted mouths) on their body that could be targeted for for headshots.


Agreed. As of right now, they aren’t at all balanced compared to the other three. Extremely tiny “head” and artificially quick non-telegraphed 180 slams, combined with the fact they’re by far the hardest to fight in confined spaces.

Considering they’re these giant festering fetish blobs, giving them multiple large crit points would be a nice touch. I love that they’re aggressive but they should be made squishier to compensate.


Agreed, but the 180 quickscope slams also happen on others bosses and are just as bad there as they are here.


It’s almost just frustrating, it feels as though I’m being punished for not playing a meta dps like the Volley Xbow BH or AK47 Kruber, because outside of just having the brute force gear combos in the first place, there isn’t a difference between between trying to dps a Chaos Spawn when you first start playing vs. when you’ve spent hundreds of hours on Legend.


Yeah, Spawn is by far the most difficult mini-boss, yet oddly has the lowest skill ceiling. I’ve never been able to get consistent headshots on it even when I aim right for the pucker and it isn’t moving that much . . . which it usually is moving. Maybe it could have one particular growth that is more vulnerable or something. I mean, we all know how to hit buboes by now!

While i really hate these 180 insta slams too, i think they are the only thing that makes fighting the boss difficult, if you don’t get cornered.
You can avoid all there attacks by blocking and dodging backwarts, and thats way to easy if they don’t use these stupid 180 insta slam mechanic.
So if we remove this we should give them something to compesate it.
At the moment Troll is the Boss who is the most fun to fight against, in my opinion.
The reason is that he has some attacks that you have to dodge to the side and not backwart (Frontal puke and overhead axe slash).
CS and Rat ogre totally lack attacks like this.
Rat ogre should get an unblockable straight forward punch that throws you away if you don’t dodge to the side.
CS could get a ground slam attack with his biggest tentacle that is unblockable and has a long reach.
Of course these attacks should be telegraphed by a good animation, so players are able to recognize them and can react by dodging to the side. It works on the troll, so i think it would work on other bosses to.

The lack of telegraph is the issue on the 180 slams, not the slams themselves. It may be a bug but the damage on CS especially seems to proc before the animation is complete.

Troll you can avoid with lateral dodges exclusively.

Yeah thats true.

I was never sure, is it my ping or is it a bug. I am also pretty sure that shieldvermin have an attack that does damage at the same time as the animation starts.

Normally i only dodge to the side if i have to. Else a teammate might get hit, who doesn’t expect the troll to make a turn.

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CS just feels like a rat ogre but better in every way. I’m never happy to see one and always glad to see a rat ogre.

I think I can count on one hand how many headshots I’ve seen against a CS…when it happens you mark it on your calendar.

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