Changes and notes from personal experiences

From personal experience, without listing things already mentioned to be currently worked on or being added by devs later on -

  • lower the stagger from enemy fire on higher difficulties , it can get disorientating when under fire by multiple gunners or even straight up stun-lock you (not very fun)

  • Rager combo needs to be interruptible , There’s been times where my heavy swing or parry does nothing and they keep going, when fighting 2 at once its almost impossible to survive, even with dodging out of the way

  • Fix Difficulty scaling , Pretty sure a lot of people are talking about this, but Malice and up feels incredibly unbalanced without the “fewer hordes” mission effect, constant special spam and special duos spawning behind you, situations where 6 or more specials spawn at once and gang up on specific players or just overwhelm the team ( I had an experience where there were 3 ragers, 2 shotgunners, 2 gunners and 3 orgryns all at once. With a horde. How is that fair? ) {Reduce special spawn density in Malice, it does not feel proportionate to the “medium” difficulty.}

  • Contract currency should be shared

  • Adjust some of the penance requirements , Another one I know lot’s of people are talking about this; Why are some of the penances encouraging team griefing or straight up almost impossible? on overwatch {change it to only fail if you take HEALTH melee damage or just health damage in general, still challenging but doable} for example. The one for Pysker where you have to solo an abomination with your brain blast ability is completely and utterly insane, it looks like a place holder that noone can actually do.

  • Some cosmetics are identical or inferior to the default level progression ones , I noticed some of the cosmetics for some classes that you get from achievements and level progression are identical or the one you get from the penance (usually harder to get) look worse than the level progression ones (extremely easy to get)

  • Some cover providing pretty much no cover, even when crouched behind and nothing poking out , I’m not sure what can be done about this really, but it doesn’t feel right enough to leave out

These are my personal issues and some changes I would make, I am still enjoying the game and I realise it’s still in Beta, so some things are more than likely to change, but I felt it appropriate to put my thoughts here instead of the discord void