Change One handed Sword (Kruber and Sienna)'s heavies like Elven one does

I think 1 handed Sword is kinda in similar (or same) problem with Greatsword does; heavily struggling against armoured.

So, I think Kruber and Sienna’s One handed Sword’s heavy attacks should be a over-shoulder narow dialognal, high damage, armour peircing. Just like Elven One handed Sword does.

PS. Wish Greatsword gets same (or similar) treatment, too.

1h Sword is fine, although killing armor requires headshots, which takes some skill to get with a horizontal strike. Changing it would take away it’s role as a horde slayer though.

1h Sword’s light attacks are already good for horde. And clearing horde much faster than heavy.

1h Sword’s heavies are good for control/staggering the horde, and compared to its light attack, heavy attacks are much slower at clearing the horde.

So, 1 Sword’s heavies are already worse than its light attack at its role (being good for dealing the horde). It makes 1h Sword’s heavies are pointless.

I feel like you are looking to make every weapon be good at everything.

1h sword is fine. It doesn’t need to be able to deal with armor easily. It has it place, it does it job very good, no need to add anything to deal with armor more easily in my opinion.

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So, just let its charge/heavy attacks left to “no place to use it”? I don’t say it should be like deal like Great Hammers does. Just as elven 1h Sword would be enough.

And the animation for it would be like:

  • Using both hands
  • Start from over the shoulder
  • Narrow X swings
  • Or thrust; in between chains, etc.

Yo am I the only one who thinks 1h sword heavies are dope? They have the cleave profile of 2h hammer heavies minus armour sliding, are great for headshoting hordes with those nice horizontal slashes, and with the finesse modifier finally coming through clean pretty well with crits and headshots. Feels real nice on HS at the moment with either extra headshot damage or the shrapnel effect on crit talent. With 20% crit chance HS seems to keep swift slaying up fine just spamming heavies.

It’s ok for a weapon to specialise in dealing with hordes, especially on someone like HS who can deal with armour most of the time with his ranged weapon. It fills its niche fine, it doesn’t have to be competitive for every class.

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1h sword heavy attacks cleaves through everything. it is the best melee for huntsman regarding temp hp (you pick temp on stagger). you get all your temp hp bar back in 5 heavy swings in a horde. u’re gonna lose that if you change it.

edit: yes i use 1h sword on my huntsman lol

This isn’t the change that’s needed, but it does need some thought about it. It can’t compete with the 1h Mace in the BBB and is arguably inferior to the Greatsword for horde clear anyway.

The lack of armour sliding makes this a very difficult to use weapon in mixed situations. Even basic shields can make this weapon awkward. It’s anti armour combo takes quite a long time for the damage it deals.

This is true, but there are better options for horde clear. The Greatsword (thanks to it’s mobility buff on charged attacks and light attack speed buff) deals with hordes very safely while also being better against mixed hordes. The 1h Mace stagger elites with it’s lights, which make the 1h Sword heavies look a little weak for their speed.

But why shouldn’t it be? There are surely smart ways to avoid it being too good on one career while ensuring that it is still a good option on others.


I mean, I don’t think 1h mace kills infantry nearly as fast as 1h sword, and I admit I haven’t tried GS since BBB but on paper at least 1h sword is a fair amount more mobile.

I dunno what to say, I was having better luck with it + handgun on HS on Cata with bots than with BH with falchaxe and crossbow… It definitely needs a weapon like handgun to cover its weaknesses, but I honestly don’t know what you’d change about it. Enhance its mobility even further maybe to distinguish it as the fast, safe option?

I think that’s more likely due to HS being in a strong position, and the Handgun in particular being pretty insane with how much reload speed HS can get. When I play range, I need space to get shots, and I need something that generates good temp hp. The 1h Mace only kills infantry slower than the 1h Sword, otherwise:

  • It’s got more stamina
  • Similar mobility (same dodge)
  • Better armour damage,
  • Better and quicker stagger
  • Better temp generation on stagger
  • Deals with shields more effectively
  • Better push attack for cc

The buff to the move speed on the GS makes it very mobile with HS’s movement speed buffs. I suggest trying it with Longshanks and 5% on trinket.

Personally I’d give the 1h Sword 4 dodges, make the third light break wooden shields (Edit: Actually, it might be too good if it breaks them, making l3 force non-SV shields to lower their guard instead might be more reasonable) and increase it’s monster damage by a small amount.

I really hope the idea that Huntsmen was bad and that BH was somehow overpowered dies soon. It’s getting old (don’t mean this specifically towards you but just in general).


Man I can’t bring myself to run anything but longshanks at the moment, I know lots of people aren’t too happy with his rework generally but man they nailed this talent change.

Yeah I agree 1h mace is better overall, though honestly if HS had THP on cleave as an option I think they’d be even enough for him. Those changes certainly seem reasonable though, shields definitely are a bit more of a pain for it than they really need to be.

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I’ve used 1H Sword for a bit on Footknight, so it’s probably the least DPS potential for it and less crits which solve a lot of it’s armor damage problem, and I’ve gotta’ say, despite my dislike for it, there is something there. At least I don’t feel as powerless as I did on Live with it.

I don’t know, maybe it’s Stagger 2 + Mainstay and Stagger Power from Footknight in particular making it feasible, but a few headshots or side heavies do the job. Chaos Warriors are still a pain, as well as a meaningful conglomeratio of Elites, so it feels weak there, but not totally useless. I guess as it should?

Fatshark underlined the difference between Falchion, 1H Sienna/Kruber and Elven sword, so they are designed the way they are for a reason, or at least intention, regardless of it being a good justification or not. So strong horde clear/weak armor, compared to Kerillian’s worse horde and better armor, with Falchion inbetween, is probably there to stay, and I don’t see them copypasing elven 1H for Sienna and Kruber.

I don’t think it’s there. My personal suggestion was, as a simple bandaid fix without investing much, is giving Push attack some armor damage and chaining it into L3, the overhead.
Because I think it’s closer to being where it needs to be than even I anticipated, but some more proper armor options will probably be inevitable.

I can’t really outline it, but is it that different from S&S and M&S? One is more versatile, the other is more safe, but Stamina intensive.
I guess flip it? Mace has mediocre horde and relatively strong armor options with dedicated heavies, so it’s more versatile. So, give 1H Sword some armor damage at the cost of Stamina?

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