Change Kerillian's Longbow charged to have a delayed zoom like Huntsmans Bow

Please no. In fact, I’m going to post a thread requesting the exact opposite.


Do you wanna add more zoom?

he wants to remove the thing from Krub’s bow

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I don’t see an issue adding a toggle to make the weapon more fun for others. The waystalker optional zoom is not applied automaticly aswell.

Maybe i’m the only one, but when my ranged weapon zooms in automaticly i find it very annoying.

So unless fatshark has made it this way for balance sake, i don’t see why we cannot get a way to toggle it.


I meant to make the zoom on Kruber’s Bow toggleable like Waystalker’s ability.


Weapon toggle would be acceptable but only with major overhaul to weapon special ability and across the board, longbow would need three setting toggle for WS and two otherwise. Having the weapon special remember last zoom setting and toggle before charge would be a must.

Currently charging a shot is zooming and using a light attack is unzoom, also find huntsmans longbow mechanic annoying.


I’d rather have no zoom at all tbh. Still waiting for a mod that does that.


No, I’m right with you there. Empire Longbow is basically unusable now. Keri’s bow is perfect and doesn’t need any changes at all.


I’d rather get the imperial longbow reverted, nothing pisses me off more than that delayed zoom.

If that gets implemented to elf longbow, I’m straight up not using the longbow.


If you haven’t yet, I recommend expressing your opinion here:

Hopefully the post will get enough traction and votes to possibly affect Fatshark’s mind.

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There is nothing wrong with zoom weapons and you should learn to play the game.

I’ve played with the longbow zoom for over 3k hours and i wouldnt want to touch the weapon without the zoom. Its a weapon for sniping targets which is why it has a zoom.

Either: Make a toggle mod that will easily get approved by FS or dont use the weapon.

You have no idea what you are talking about (Not trying to be rude or offensive when i say that) or you play very low difficulty…



I don’t like the autozoom. I think they should make ALL bow zooms toggleable with the alt fire button, just like kerilian’s bow.

If Fatshark doesn’t want to implement that feature maybe someone could make a small mod? It’s hardly a balance concern.

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For the love of god, no. And while we’re at it, reverse the change on Kruber’s longbow, it’s atrocious and feels atrocious.

No, I agree completely. Been trying out nothing but Huntsman these past few days and it really really hurts.


Sniper weapons need a toggle zoom button, which remembers its state (unlike current elf longbow where you need to press special button every time you charge).

With a ui indicator preferably, near ammo counter, like NZ and SZ (no zoom and standard zoom).

To those people who are unhappy with no zoom bows - you need to consider that there are people who play different than you, have different preference and skills. Ever seen Quake 3 railgun gameplay at pro level? These guys hit tiny fast moving targets at no zoom with a wide fov.

I personally prefer manual zoom.

There was a bug when this was actually swapped around once, and it felt TERRIBLE. No thank you.


I use elf longbow and no problem with the current zooming.


I thought delayed zoom was one of the things people requested, so they could free aim and have full movement to shoot before the cement shoes kicked in.

Didn’t manbow also zoom out everytime you needed to reload, due to the zoom only being on charge 3?

It’s changed so many times at this point that I don’t remember. All I know for sure atm is it’s even slower to charge and aim then the handgun now and that’s bad.

If I were to design based on the IRL experience of shooting an English Longbow (yes I actually have one) I would make it work like this:

  • Initial draw takes about 0.5 s to full charge, no zoom.
  • After reaching full charge, zoom in quickly.
  • You have about 1s of full zoom before you have to let down the bow or your arm falls off. (historical longbows are legit 150lbs+)
  • About 1s delay after shooting to knock a new arrow.

I think this would make a good design in the game because you could make snap shots in that 0.5s window, get into full zoom quickly, and are forced to get moving after making the shot. Bows are simply not held at full draw, that only happens in the movies. That would help distinguish it from handgun as well.

Explanation and Details (optional TLDR)

When I shoot a heavy bow, I have to use a draw technique that levers the bow into position along with pulling it back - this engages the entire back and brings many more muscle groups into play, which is 100% required for shooting a heavy bow. Search youtube for “Joe Gibbs archery” to see what I mean. I like to start wit the bow raised so gravity works with me, while Joe starts with it lowered and levers it up, it doesn’t really matter though.

The key moment is just as the lever pulls the bow into it’s final draw, if you are doing it right, the path of the lever will cross your aim point. If you are VERY good, (I’m not) you will have a very brief instant of perfect aim right at this time. It’s completely realistic to make a snap shot here, this is what speed shooters do. However, if you are less good or you wait, your arm will wobble from the strain of the bow and you have to correct your aim. In game this would be represented by the zoom in. Holding your aim for more then a second or two is comically impossible, games that force aim wobble if you wait too long (like Skyrim or Thief) are simulating this adequately, I think V2 should do the same.

I’m ok with Keri’s longbow being unrealistic because Elfs are magic. Kruber though should be more grounded.

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