Change Character at start-mission


would be nice, if we can change on the start-mission the character.
Why? Multiple players with the same character is fun but not always advantageous.

3 prayer and 1 sniper wasn’t funny.


They did it for vermintide, i believe they can do it for darktide \o/

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Are you sure?

The last time I played Vermintide, it wasn’t even possible for the same characters to join the game. In Vermintide I + II it was at least from the beginning (played it intensively for a long time) that 4 different players always played the map.

That’s the point. Can’t have two siennas. No two psykers. Avoid same classes.


but the comparison with the two psykers was a typo? You probably meant Vermintide = mage.

In Darktide two or more psykers are possible, as well as several snipers, Ogryns… And that can be fatal depending on the map. My screenshot shows just such a constellation. And exactly at the mission start it would be ingenious if you could still change your character.

He meant in lobby before mission.