Challenges for DLC classes are so poorly done it affects balance theory

DLC classes challenges were okay for GK, an absolute mess for OE, and nigh pointless for SotT.

My theory is that these challenges are dictating balance.

For example 1000 headshots with MWP, it makes the weapon look terrible so they released an overpowered weapon.

For SotT, if you play her the correct “support” way she is absolutely useless. Set up walls to block your team from shooting because you want 500 warp shots blocked/1000 attacks. Or pick up specials to prevent your team from shooting them because you want three lifts simultaneously. Or 250 lifts and kills with the staff so you need to vent 24/7.

Consequently giving rise to: Super low ult CD with multiple charges, the strongest healing in the game with 3 per 8 and global 25% increase and all excess temp health is given to SotT. Etc.

It seems like the classes are created to fulfill challenges rather than challenges made to challenge the class. Because honestly, how else do you release SotT in such a terrible condition?

In my opinion the entire class needs a total rework. I would say 4 of her talents are acceptable, and all other talents and passives need a complete overhaul.

Obviously challenges should be looked at as well going forward, and possibly looking back, if/when these classes are reworked.

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Sister was released in such a ridiculous state because Fatshark clearly has an elf fetish.


OE challenges did actually pose a challenge, until enough people complained they were hard so they got nerfed. This community doesnt like challenge, they like the illusion of challenge.

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they want to git gut without git guting. But OE challenges few of them are way out of fun zone. 200 pushed enemies out of bonds, 1k headshots this is just grind and its just boring grind. 15 headshots in row is actually good challenge.

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A bit more like FS need to sell DLC so they make it P2W via elf and don’t even try to hide it. Elf was largely overpowered before SoTT because she’s the most played class and the backlash from making here merely excellent rather than god tier would be enormous.

Imagine the level of Salt if Hagbane didn’t kill everything. That’s and old problem now though, we’ve got double javelins up your ass to content with now.#


That sure hasn’t stopped them from nerfing many other popular things in the past. Remember the nerfs to the “ranged meta” long ago? A very large percentage of the playerbase was making use of overpowered ranged builds back then. Fatshark didn’t care if they were upset by the nerfs. Their treatment of elf careers since release seems to be more about a bias on their part than a fear of player backlash. Most players I know would love to see elf careers/weapons get hit with some nerfs. Instead we just got yet another busted elf career with more busted elf weapons. Fatshark is at least consistent.


I 100% agree with the wall challenge. Most of players I ask on what they think of the wall say they’re only doing it for the challenge. Absurd.

This brings up other questions of play testing and who thought a wall that prevents your team from attacking/seeing was a good idea. It would have been nice if the enemies could climb over the wall, allowing you to block off a path and force enemies to put themselves in a staggered state.

Just a thought (which will never come to light) Maybe the wall could only work, or be activated, if it could connect to 2 adjacent walls. The length of the wall could very, and not become “the great wall of Thorns” but still have an effective use to literally block a path.

Sienna has a “visible to all players” marker for some of her fire explosions, alerting players of where the attack will land. I think the same should have been implemented for Sot Wall attacks. That, or, the animation be a bit less sudden and in your face.

I have literally 0 issues with SoTT achievements.
They are challenging enough but not crazy.
OE’s achievements were a total torment.
GK’s achievements were in line with SoTT’s.

That not an achievements’ issue. That’s the issue of “support” class dealing more than the rest of the team combined.

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