Cataclysm&Weaves Boss Variety Ideas

There has been talk surrounding the new Cataclysm difficulty that has stuck to my mind, specifically the need for more varied threats instead of just more spongy and lethal enemies. My ever restless head ousted these boss variations for Cataclysm and perhaps the Weaves.

They are not a huge departure from their regular counterparts, but should spice up the higher level gameplay just a touch. In addition, I think these would not be too arduous to implement, as the changes from originals are mostly visual and use game mechanics that are already in the game.

While these are heavily tied to WoM content, I don’t want to throw this on the heap of more acute feedback and suggestions of the Beta forum.

For the record, I’m not aware of any mods that had any special bosses in them, but then again, I’m not that familiar with this game’s modding.
Feel free to critique and add, I do not champion these as some grand ideas, but would love to see something like this realized in the game. With Weaves being Diablo 3’s Greater Rift descendants, it would only make sense to also have bosses with different, gameplay changing buffs.


  • Tainted Troll
    Magic of the chaos wastelands has seeped in and thoroughly altered this troll. It is shrouded in a pink-blue crackling aura and it breathes colourful magical fire.
    This variety lays down similar area damage to that of a Stormfiend, except it comes in a crude axe-wielding, regenerating form. In addition, while coming into contact with it’s magical fire does not slow you down, it generates large amounts of overcharge for those whom it might concern.

  • Frost Troll
    This icy brute brings with it the permafrost of the north, it’s freezing breath sapping all warmth out of it’s victims bones.
    The Frost Troll’s breath and it’s remnants slow the Heroes down heavily and prevent stamina from regenerating, while getting directly blasted by it erodes most or all of their stamina.


  • Halefiend
    This one’s hands do not bear weapons of fiery death: Instead, they spray warpstone bullets from integrated rattling guns.
    (It’s Deathrattler from the end of Skittergate)

  • Mistfiend
    One of it’s arms has miraculously been saved from Skryre augmentation, if you do not count the wicked blades of the fingertips. The other has a grenade launcher that can quickly cover a wide area in gas globe filth.
    The Mistfiend can periodically launch three standard Gasrat globes from it’s other arm, while keeping up with Heroes close up by flailing it’s spiked claw. In addition, before charging, the beast let’s out residual warpstone gas from it’s weapon system, covering the area in a similar way to that of the exploding Gasrat.

Rat Ogres

  • Bell Ogre
    Some genius at clan Moulder decided to splice heavy armor plating straight to this ogre’s skin. They also thought it would be funny to stick their cursed bells to it.
    Although the armour might slow the brute down a bit, it definitely can take a lot more punishment. As it trashes about, the eerie jingle of the bronze bells summons more ratkin from hiding to it’s aid.

  • Venom Ogre
    Another marvel of two skaven clans actually working together, this rat ogre has had some devious warpstone device implanted into it’s body. It’s eyes and veins emit a dark glow, as the corrosive poison flows through.
    Mind your footing when you damage this grotesque creature; Blood spilt lingers on the ground and can cause latent retaliation if you step on it.


  • Plaguespawn
    This monster clearly bears upon it’s sleeve which horrid god’s blessing it has been granted: The sickly mound of putrid flesh is home to swarms of flies.
    Plaguespawn periodically secretes flesh eating flights of flies, similar to those summoned by Purplesmurf Heinzketchup.

  • Thornspawn
    Resembling a lumbering Tilean spear formation, this spawn has grown a thousand bone spikes through it’s skin, making it even more intimidating up close.
    Touching the monster either by coming into contact with it or hitting it with a close range melee attack causes the attacker to take a small, static amount of damage themselves. Use of heavy attacks, stabs, and shooting from afar are thus encouraged.

And that’s that. Looking forward to the Beastman berserker boss!


suggestion post in correct subforum, and if you dont see then ping some fatsharks

The content of the post has no impact on the current beta environment. Since FS hasn’t told us these kind of things coming in WoM, I don’t think it’s appropriate to muddy the beta forum.


Great ideas!

Although one could also ask if we shouldn’t consider “Wind” specific bosses or version of enemies that goes beyond mere buffs or stat changes to them.


Although I would like each of the Weaves to have a unique boss, that’s obviously super taxing, development-wise, and probably not happening because of that.

I’ve been suggesting something similar to the D3 randomizer system for a while now. Hopefully someone eventually mods it or Fatshark add it themselves. There’s lots of fun effects they could add, which they’ve already started doing in the weekly events.

Sorry for another post (the edit function doesn’t seem to work sometimes).

I was going to add; different music and remixes of the original boss music or special event music would be cool too.

So you get a 4 Blightstormer event with specific music/voicelines. And then on top of that they have an acid aura if you get close to them.

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I think mutators on individual enemies could really do a lot for the game. Pestigors, for example (though really, I feel like they should be different from Bestigors - slower and tankier).


Good ideas, but remember, that f.e. 1h axe heavy attack actually deals less monster damage than axe light attack, which would turn out to be quite hilarious when facing Thornspawn.

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Oh yeah, that’s very true. However I do like the aspect of Thornspawn forcing specific party members with the best tools to do most of the boss damage.

When they add the Beastmen in full force, I think the rank and file have plenty of variety in them. As the bosses are sort of the star enemy players, bringing variety to them would be more impactful.

Pestigors though, hmm. Maybe they could have the ‘troll kneel’ when they take enough damage, and must be finished off during that or they’ll regenerate their health, or even enter some kind of rage mode…

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Just to be clear for anyone reading this who is not in the beta; Pestigors are not, as far as I know, in the game. They’re definitely not in this beta, haha. Just wanna make sure that no one gets unduly excited.

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