[CATACLYSM] Huntsman + Longobow needs better BREAKPOINTS

You don’t always have time to get a melee kill or to wait 6 second between 2 specials… Zoom is enjoying (you fire before it happens) and there is no spread (weapon is pin point accurate)

Anyway this is getting nowhere so I will stop there. I juste hope they won’t buff him to nerf him to the ground, as in launch. For once, he is okay.

About this, I have already written my opinion here:

Moreover would be enough remember that, also without Bloodshoot/free crit, Elf Bow and Crossbow have more or less the same Human Bow’s breakpoints.

I know that you can shoot also without the full zoom, but the delay is still larger. And yes, Human Longbow has more spread.

There isn’t problem. It’s ok that everyone has his opinion. I’m not asking a huge buff, but a little one, yes. It would help to make him “not overshadowed”.

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