Cataclysm Deeds don't exist because Cataclysm Vaults don't exist

Cataclysm drops Legend Vaults with no distinction from Legend loot.

When completing a map on Cataclysm, it drops a Vault.

Vaults drop Legend deeds.

I opened my stack of Vaults and got… maybe 1 or 2 deeds in total? For Legend. So I can’t prove something doesn’t exist because I can’t point to infinite examples of something not being there, much like how I can’t prove unicorns and leprechauns don’t exist somewhere in this universe on a planet I haven’t been to.

No video because I don’t care enough to post a detailed bug report with 10 minutes of video of me opening Vaults to prove something that’s probably self-evident unless someone actually intentionally modified the drop tables and made artwork for Cataclysm deeds to distinguish them from Legend deeds.

Good luck.


Would like to know what the plan is for Cata chests, now. First they were going to be a thing, then they weren’t.


Would like to know what the plan is

I’ll stop you right there, mister. I’m pretty sure they don’t have a plan for anything period lol. They’re in damage control mode and extinguishing fires.


Also let it be known if they actually fix the Cataclysm vaults from crashing the game and decide to add them back as a loot tier above Legend, I was the one who originated the term “catavaults” to refer to them.

I’m writing it here just so it’s all clear lol.

Yeah, good point.

Really nothing to do except hope for a patch 2.0.1 hotfix soon, but that’s a different topic


It is after 9 PM in Stockholm. I’m sure they’re tired and stressed out for… a multitude of reasons. Let them rest, they’ll get to it in the morning. There are plenty of suggestions to hold off and have them not read when they’re back at work, after a hotfix patch or two lol.


apparently it’s a feature, not a bug

I’m confident they meant to add cataclysm deeds too because:

It’s there as an option. But as you said, I imagine you can’t get them because there are no cata chests.

Isn’t that a mod that enables that view? I don’t think that’s in the game itself, it’s hard to keep track of like the 5 different UI mods I have lol. Let me go check to see.


Just checked. I’m pretty sure that’s a mod, since I disabled my mods to double check if they really updated the deeds screen. I think that’s a good job for a proactive modder lol. If only Fatshark was likewise so proactive to anticipate Cataclysm and Deeds.


Oh you’re right. lol.

So true, lol. I sometimes forget certain things are mods and not part of the game. Makes you wish they were part of the game though(but I digress).


You can probably still use the QP trick to take recruit-Legend deeds into Cata if you really want the challenge. But as they said before, they are working on a complete overhaul of the deed system. And they don’t want to add new deeds to a system they are not going to use anymore.

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I wasn’t aware of the quickplay trick until recently. It does work as a workaround.

The deeds rework is one of those Soon™ items that I’d love to see and I assume is in the works or going to be in the works sometime after WoM, but I still wanted to point out that a lot of the features of the expansion right now are just not integrated well with the base game’s features.

There are a lot of design choices that feel like bugs (so they get moved from the bug forum to the feedback forum…) or are just poorly explained, it just makes the expansion feel hastily put together, despite the obviously large amount of time and effort that they put into it. It feels weird and does reflect poorly onto the expansion when it just feels tacked on.

May as well do the trick anyways, considering there is no “cata loot” and cata is just for the challenge. So I suppose having cata deeds wouldn’t really matter anyways(plus the reasons you mentioned).

Yeah, Cataclysm deeds would basically be Legend deeds anyway, unless they actually added a higher loot box tier, which I thought was the original plan.

I’m sure we’ll get that rework as Vermintide 3’s coming out.

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