Cataclusm special number

I saw on PC that the max number of specials thatyou can can get at the same time on cataclysm is up to 5.
On cole we sometime get 7 or 8 plus all the horde and elites and potential boss.
It seem that there is a problem with the special spawing like a duplicate issue (2 specials glitching in eachother)so that you get more than five at the same time.
I m not complaining about the difficulty increasing but we re not god and we can not beat the bugs.
Cataclysm is part of the 20 dollars DLC so come on…needs a fix

As someone on ps4 where cata isn’t a thing, yet…that’s nuts, even for cata. @_@

If I remember correctly, Cata doesn’t have a special cap. Unless something has changed, they will just keep spawning, you can make it worse by separating a few meters. Which will cause the Ai to spawn more disablers.

I’ve had games where 2 flamethrowers and a ratling gunner all hop over a wall one after the other. Meanwhile my team is dodging the two storms and gas rat with a gutter runner jumping between them.

No, it has a special cap at 5/3 (five at a time, three of the same type). I think the cooldown for them is much shorter, however.

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Interesting. I wonder how short the timers are? Cause most of my Cata games have them coming nonstop. I remember a game on fort budweiser where we triggered a boss at the starting bridge. I couldn’t even help with the boss as I was on WS longbow(anti special role) and the specials spawned nonstop the whole fight. Killed 6 of them during the duration

When folks get back I’ll find out what the cap and rules are. A boss for example might come with its own specials in addition to the regular cataclysm ruleset.


Maybe, for instance at the end event of rightous stand we got horde,elites, CW. You can deal with that by kiting and cleaning but we die caise we get 4 firerats,2 ratlings,1 gaz and 2 hookrats.
That why i post the topic. It seems to me that it was beyond the doable

Oh, those are event specials. They are scripted and not part of the normal special count. Unless those are counted towards the 5 cap as well? I don’t think so though. Same with thr arena fight at the start of Rightous Stand. I’ve passed the special cap there as well.

Btw, they all spawn in at the back of the room. Behind the door that opens to the bubble. So in that final event, try and kite around the ending door. All the specials will drop there and you can kill them instantly.

Yeah, I know this is true generally. However, there is definitely a bug with it. While cheesing the gas rats in true solo, I turned around and had 4 gas rats up. At the same time, and before I killed the gas, 2 leeches and 2 blights spawned in. This happened multiple times in my True Solo attempts. It appears to be tied to crossing over boss walls with specials active.

I found that can happen off Cata and is a weird spawn tweaks thing I think. Just a hunch though; someone might have to code dig to find the real answer. (Had some Legend TS attempts where things got whacky)

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