Careers, Restrictions, Balance, and YOU

Vigorously playing the beta right now. One thing that continuously hinders the balance of the game is the lack of weapon restrictions among various careers. If all careers can use all or almost all of a character’s weapons, the lines between career strengths/weaknesses are diminished and the best weapons of the crop will always be selected. This limits impact of balance changes, and makes some weapons prone to being overly nerfed. This cannot be overstated. If more weapons are specialized to classes and vice versa, this has a dual effect on balance potential:

(I realize that there is also a balance between lore and gameplay, and I respect that)

  1. Weapon restrictions can reign in over-effectiveness of career/weapon combos (e.g. restrict hagbane from shade career)
  2. Weapon restrictions can allow more weapons to be heavily buffed for specialized use with a career without upsetting overall weapon balance (e.g. repeater pistol heavily buffed, but is restricted to bounty hunter)

Here are additional ideas for thought (non-exhaustive):

  • Ironbreaker restricted from using 1H weapons to curb mobility options (thematic, balance), Ironbreaker restricted to gunpowder and flame ranged weapons (thematic)
  • Elf 2H weapons restricted to handmaiden (thematic, balance), handmaiden restricted from 1H weapons (thematic)
  • Witch Hunter restricted from 2H sword (thematic, balance), zealot restricted from rapier (thematic, player resistance buff to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
  • More career talents like Drake Gun Damage to reward builds with specialized weapons
  • etc., etc.

It seems like something has to give at some point, or we will forever see things like all 4 Krubers running with executioner sword and nothing else (again, it is not “wrong” but does blur lines in builds/specialization).

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I’m more than okay with that, it would add some more flavor to the careers, but I think a lot of people (too many?) will be frustrated by those restrictions …

I agree with this totally while totally disagreeing with

Lol. Also big problem is how this is strictly a hindsight 20/20 suggestion that FS has actually made steps to address with the latest few weapon dlcs.

Like WHC is fine with Greatsword and it’s thematically within lore for GS wielding witch hunters. There’s honestly no lore restrictions to any of Saltzpyre’s classes, particularly to OP (or previously OP) weapons like axe and falchion. Restricting HM’s weapons don’t address balance issues among elf classes or weapons. And IB having mobile weapons isn’t game breaking.

I really do believe weapon balance is better and getting closer to where it should be because the game wasn’t given more influx of dlc weapons useable on all classes, leaving just Saltzpyre with his billhook that’s either ok or broken OP depending on who’s using it, and wiz mace now playing catch up since both crowbill and flame mace do what it could do, but better.

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