Can't find any games, looking for server

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maybe it’s my region but i haven’t found any games queueing indefinitely

will continue trying later

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Constant (100%)

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I have the same issue, it even happens when i am in one of my friend’s lobby. He said he instantly found a match on his own. Even tried changing my region. Didnt help ):

Just had a system error in the midst of starting a map ‘Matchmaking failed for some reason’ was the literal error message.

And then the game ended entirely, so seems like it could be Fatshark’s servers having an issue.

Hm, it’s possible there may have been some temporary disruption. Are you still having trouble matchmaking now?

If you are, please let me know which regions you are playing from and I’ll pass this information on to our backend developers so we can take a look. Thanks!

Tried matchmaking earlier and couldnt find one. I am from india, idk if anyone from my region is having this issue