Can't connect to MY lobby

Hi! I can’t connect to backend server and each time I got next problems.

console-2020-02-07-15.06.56-8e1f004f-2c11-4323-b9c7-46334713a0f6.log (996.3 KB) console-2020-02-08-02.27.24-3f96af0e-8455-4b7c-bc62-17936af7a7e0.log (42.5 KB) console-2020-02-08-02.31.02-b1dd105f-e773-46ed-9b93-98570cbde7bf.log (37.2 KB) console-2020-02-08-02.45.34-41912139-059f-4f11-be99-2c2ac4140e5c.log (36.6 KB) console-2020-02-08-02.55.23-74f4a9ac-2f42-4d56-b3ed-144827b5d188.log (168.7 KB) console-2020-02-08-06.55.41-6cbd2df0-fb05-4870-bf92-1d44440f94d1.log (37.2 KB) console-2020-02-08-07.09.44-55e4278c-5cbe-4cf1-8f4f-22e251e6d1d9.log (39.1 KB) console-2020-02-08-07.13.00-63e8ff46-acba-4961-9c8d-4dfd1371f361.log (42.5 KB) console-2020-02-08-07.14.38-2e06df21-5de9-460c-ae38-f63431dc6291.log (36.8 KB) console-2020-02-08-07.16.04-bfa5a92d-f593-480b-99e5-25afdf28a092.log (52.2 KB)

Could you let me know what your connection’s upload and download speeds are, using a website like Speedtest please?

Here is:

Speeds all look nice, no problems there.

I did query your console logs with one of our Network Engineers, who has since instructed me to escalate this to our Backend Engineer.

He’s very busy at the moment, so there may be a delay in response. Apologies for the inconvenience, and I hope to have an update for you soon.

Okey. I still have this problems.

When I get some information?

Apologies for the delay, I’ve chased it up for you.

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Hmm… Can I get some information about “BACKEND SEVER”?
Adress or something for ask my internet provider & for keep my calm now, this season 2 broke the game & make my sad, becouse servers got 2xp weekends, but I can’t loggin in.
It’s to long & no any information for patch, fix, hotfix or other thing.
We all get this game & now can’t play.
console-2020-02-17-15.36.05-6537016c-0e97-44d1-b130-e35d8b11cfaf.log (73.3 KB) console-2020-02-17-15.42.05-babaddf5-72ce-4231-9f08-099173227280.log (67.4 KB) console-2020-02-17-15.48.46-2aad377b-2ecd-4ba9-9787-6e32bbaacf5c.log (73.4 KB) console-2020-02-17-16.28.23-daca8e71-1cb0-4c10-99ef-80fa36092e23.log (73.4 KB)

@EvilDeadSanta Could you upload a DxDiag please?

Done: DxDiag.txt (108.5 KB)

I still waiting for some information.

Sorry about this, I’ve sent a reminder to the developer looking in to this.

Okay. Thanks. I hope devs fix it in next patch.

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