Can we have some help from PDF forces? They seems to do nothing

In theory there is literally war in Atoma Prime, but it seems like everything is done by us, rejects.
What all those guardsmans from Planetary Deffence Forces and Inquisitor ship doing? We literally see Leman Russ demolisher class on bridges and many baricades or outpost with loyalist guardsman inside it, but they doing nothing.

It would be nice to have some NPC allies like squad of Guardsmans that help us at end of some missions or some specific segments, there is already loyal Guards models in game and you can give them traitor guards ai.

But if adding gameplay NPC allies would be too much, then just make something like we had in prologue! Prologue had great immersion and felling that fights are everywhere and guards on ship was actually doing something, active fighting in other sections of ship and we was just small part of that event. It would be just really nice and immersive to see some guards fighting traitors in other rooms far away, deffending their position or just straight losing and getting wipe out.

I believe one of those option should be possible to apply into game.

Thanks for reading this feedback.


They don’t value rejects why would they risk their own lives on people they dont trust of value at all.

Given the effort put into the atmosphere and immersion of the game in general, it’d be a nice touch to eventually see some of this kind of set-dressing on some maps


Some rejects are psykers and other are lvl 30 and become actual part of Inqusitor Retinue, adepts of the inquisition.

Beside that, we are not doing just some low priority mission, but actual big things like bringing back Leman Russ factory to work or claiming back some parts of hive city, for example those 2 missions in which at the end we need to disable skyfire deffence system, those are important tasks and it would be pretty bad for Imperial forces to have them failed at this point. So I can see some real reinforces coming to aid us with active support or even secondary support(in the background).


They don’t send the PDF in because they would instantly break.

You know those guys standing around at the start of every mission? They call them the garrison…

They’re also our jailers. If we were to turn and try to run from the AO, they’d shoot us in the back and call in the next squad.

Darktide missions are suicide missions. Which is what I’d classify sending 4 people in against 2,000 foes as.

The Inquisition needs troops that don’t have a choice in the matter, so they’re going to fight and win just so they can keep on living. Classic penal trooper strats.

And frankly, when an Inquisitor has a warband of several thousand troops…it doesn’t matter how much gold you have on your outfit, you’re still at the end of the day completely expendable.

I’m sure it would be tedious to implement, but I really like this idea; especially as we moved up in the Inquisition, and started to earn are place

On one of the missions, you have to secure a train, once you do in a cutscene some PDF forces land to secure it. - I was really hoping they would land mid-battle, or at least for the final push of the enemy.

Even cooler would be, that if everybody in your party is at a certain level, they will land to help you out, since you gained some reputation.

But definitely, making these NPC’s do something would help with making the world feel more alive, even if it’s only shooting from a barricade in the beginning of a mission and killing a handful of poxwalkers.


Honestly just having some scene where you see gardmen firing in the general direction of the bad guys, even outside of your section so you don’t see the target, and sometime hearing a tank shooting then a flash somewhere above you would be incredible for a rather low effort.


I got my hopes up during the mission where you call for reinforcements but they only arrive in the endgame cutscene. Feels bad man. All of the missions so far have a distinct lack of dynamic/cinematic flair. When you steal the special munitions you take only five canisters, i.e. 5 shells, instead of marking five containers for immediate pickup.

The game as a whole feels very static.

Why don’t we fight alongside the PDF in the final part of the reinforcement mission?

Why don’t we airlift tons of ammo out of the Hotzone while under duress?

Why is there no map where you fight on a train?

Why don’t we have a mission where we support an armoured column for a while?

Why don’t we see an artillery barrage, orbital bombardment or even a stalemate/firefight on the play area once?

Why doesn’t any part of any map present some kind of hazard apart from ledges?

In short, why isn’t anything moving

The missions sadly just feel quite unimaginative, despite the sometimes glorious vistas.


On some open spaces, for example bridges, you can look around and see some lasers going off across the chasm, but that’s it sadly.

Maybe when their primary armoured vehicle factory is about to explode? Or what if the water supply of the hive would be infested by nurgles blight. Oh, maybe losing the foundry which produces the highest quality metal for the war effort would prompt them to at least send some support in the end? …

Oh wait, I know!

What if we had a mission in which we specifically call for reinforcements to take an important location? You know, we could clear the landing zone, deactivate the AAA and call in the boys!

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its definitely a missed opportunity. There could be units at the start location on some maps shooting at the enemies holding them back, like the operator says they are doing but you never see

The city is on the brink of falling yet there is no fighting anywhere apart from us and it just feels wrong

Especially on the missions outside, its silent out there! Where is this war thats going on?

Only taking 5 vacuum tubes is a valid point. It should be that plus a good few containers you take with you.

Plus a mission taking place on a Necromunda: hired gun -like train would be soo awesome. Please make it happen fatshark.

And having to support an armoured column to breach the next door or something fop the sort would be fantastic.


I’ll gladly take a scenario where we assist a bunch of hive gangers Zola contacted, to ambush some dug-in enemies just for the sake of showing that there’s more to her character, and that there are more just-offscreen factions, characters, and out and out survivors in the hive city.


In Aliens Vs Predator 2, there was a campaign for the Aien, the predator, and the colonial marine.

The Marine’s had the most story as you’d expect, and the story took them cross country on a new planet where the company had lost containment of xenos. The Marines misdropped, and needed to travel cross country.

One section was a tunnel under the mountains. The player was required to go in alone with his pulse rifle to repair the machinery that opened and closed the doors to different segments.

The longer you took, the more aliens would be spawned. If you moved quickly, about the time you were going to be overwhelmed, you would get to one of the goals which would open the main door.

When the main door was opened, an APC (like the one in the films) would drive in through the door and open up with it’s fore and aft turrets, completely obliterating the entire wave of xenomorphs.

It was a very memorable game design because you went back and fourth between being outnumbered and on your own… and having overwhelming fire support.

Should start at 5:13. Very old game by today’s standards, but very good for what it was.


By reading so replies, now I think even some distant sounds of fights and lasgun fire would be really enough. There should be always some PDF outpost of baricaded bridge that deffend itself from endless horde of poxwalkers, plague ogryns and traitors. If we would hear those battles, it would already make the world way more alive.

Anyone remember mission where at end when we are running toward evacuation zone Valkyrie fire rockets at enemies on out path? First time I saw that, I was like ‘woaaah’, I felt like in real battle and we get real support from our allies, from that point I was counting for more scripted actions like this one.
Please add more scenes like this one!


I was hoping to see more of this as well.

or the Leman Russes that you see in one of hte missions fire afew salvos.

The worst thing, is in missions where specials spawn IN the imperial defence line.
I mean great job guys.


sounds like a valid excuse to just go Exterminatus. Becuase otherwise that might be the Months of Shame all over again.