Can u rise up inventory cap 2k+? bc from 40k at start now u have 4k players

the player base is gone down so what remains maybe can get some upgrade on inventory cap or this is not how it works?

How do y’all hit your inventory cap in the first place? Im curious, I play with all characters, have atleast one of each weapon, a stockpile of red jewelry and a bunch of illusions.

Not trying to sound like a wise-ass, but maybe its more of a problem with inventory clutter?

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i got a lots of reds… and all of careers have half page of range-melee so lets say 1 page for all 4 careers

and i think deeds take inventory space another thing maybe–stacking up chests takes inventory space, hats, skins, maybe even frame idk this game is a total secret

I see. Thats entirely reasonable. I would never throw away any red either, hoping that the supposed “change a few reds into a new one” system comes out soon enough. So at this point, I think you are damned to waiting. Again.

I dont save up chests tho, and I rarely see deeds. But since you cant discard them (?), I can see the problem.

So, to sum up:
Inventory space is too small for people wil extremely high playtime due to:
Hesitation of throwing away redundant reds. Need red exchange system.
Illusion collection. Need inventory space.
Deed overflow. Need way to discard them or make them actually worthwile to run.
Chest hoarding. At some point, the chances of getting that 1-2 red you need are so low you dont even bother opening chests since orange loot is trash. Which is also remedied by red exchange system, somewhat.

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Other clutter is certainly a part of it, and at least two or three of each item will take up a surprising amount of space, but Illusions are likely to be the primary culprit. You can’t view them separately anywhere, so there’s no practical way to confirm which ones you already have and manage them. But still they take up inventory space, so anyone who habitually collects them slowly fills up their inventory.

i already did my “clean up illusion” i lost 1 day and a lot of resource to do that :frowning: maybe i have 1or2 illusion per weapon

this is it

stop having this loot system where 95% of items given are just for salvage. make it a trait/property/weapon unlock system where people can select the properties they want on weapons they have unlocked, rather than have gazillion items that people don’t want to waste time pressing the salvage button over and over again. also people can accidentally salvage reds too.

not sure why they went with this approach, it gives everyone a data limit, it clogs their databases with salvage objects, very clunky imo.

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Nice to see this being talked about. Increasing the cap (to a low finite number) is just a temporary solution. If you don’t have a reasonable system to allow players to manage their inventories, you cannot just cap it. Atm. there’s no reasonable way to manage deeds & illusions.

Have tried to get this to gain traction/acknowledgement, but have thus far failed:

maybe the system was implemented when already short on time.
or, much worse, wasn’t planned properly (just think the green shard problem, how come that they under estimated that?)

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i’ve hit the cap too :o!

plz increase it by at least 3 times.

i mean its either that or reduce the chance of getting a replica red item, ur call fatshark :O!

my 3 or 4 pages of red neck/charm/trinkets takes up too much space

not to mention all the red weapon dupes i’ve got :V

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