Can find anyone on lv5

just like the title, a whole night I can’t find a single soul that is queing lv5. it is becasue that really noone is playing that lv or the matchmaking system is having some problem?

not many play it yes. also the weekly just came out so
t5 at the weekend normally you get better chances.

It could be the time of day for your servers, hard to know.

At lunch, I managed to find a full group running difficulty 5 Oubliette on EU-West servers

To see your server connection:
go to task manager > resource monitor > networking
click the box next to Darktide to target it.
check Network activity address, it’ll be an Amazon AWS server with a regional prefix.


It seems to connect to multiple servers, but once loaded fully, the one with the higher data rate is typically your connected server. I assume the primary data centre it stores character info etc is located in North East USA.

You can also see your ping to the different servers in the TCP Connections section.

The reason I’ve looked into all of this as it seems feels like there is a LOT of server lag, and I wasn’t sure if it was accurately keeping me in local games or throwing me all over the world and resulting in a bad ping. So far I’ve only seen EU-West, but I’m keeping an eye on it.

thx for the tips mate.