Camo expert feat buff (or alteration)

Are you shooting at them when you do this? or are you out of Coherency? If you are shooting at them, that will draw them to you, like say using a boter thats doing AOE and doing minor damage to them will agro them.

This is a claim you have no way of proving, especially considering most people who play a game don’t bother posting on a forum. You are part of a small minority here.

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Ah yes of course my bad, yknow seeing ive got more hours on the game than 90% of the community and have been using camo since day one
i dont understand at all how it works

no enemies you shoot at specifically do not turn to come at you

Having time in a game does not equate to experience, i know people who have 1000 hours in VT 2 and are still bad at it.

clearly you don’t know, regardless of the hours you have.

It literally says it lowers the chance to be targeted. It doesn’t make you completely invisible or untargetable, and if you’re the only target in range they’re still going to run up to you and hit you.

It’s literally the only mechanic in the game where it’s feasible to hide behind someone. Actually you can hide in front of them too, but as long as you stay close’ish your party will take the aggro off you significantly.


Ive done all class challenges for sharpshooter apart from the 100% accuracy because i dont want to bring in a revolver
ive saved countless teams from losing and have even soloed bosses
im real sure im bad at the game

Ive already told you that even when near allies they will branch to attack you regardless of what you do

youre purposefully ignoring what im saying at this point

I can see this thread is oging to go nowhere very quickly, into an epeen measuring contest that i dont think I or anyone else would like to be a part of.

So with that, i will leave you to your opinion on the matter.

No offense, but you’re hurting your argument more by claiming you’re better than everyone else with zero evidence to back it up. Any person here could make the same claim you do. This type of arguing is only going to get you in trouble.

If Camo Expert was perfect aggro reduction it would be way, way too strong. Being targeted by <5% of enemies instead of ~25% of enemies I feel is already a massive buff.

The only way I could see that being a thing is if any attack made by you breaks it, and/or enemies that get too close will ignore it. Either of those is way worse than what we have now. We will not get a perfect untargetable buff because that is way too strong.

As it is now, you still have to pay attention to your surroundings and stick relatively close to the team. You seem to want something that makes you never be targeted and keeps you safe regardless how far away you are from the team. That’s just way too strong.

57.3 hours and rising
all sharpshooter class

Penances are not an accurate representation of skill, but it’s better than nothing, I suppose. I still find it ridiculous that you think hardly anyone else has completed them, let alone people on this board or in this thread. If all you want is for people to post their accomplishments instead of accepting an opposing argument, that’s cool I guess… just don’t expect people to agree with you and stop being so hostile about it.


Find a post where ive been hostile

and ive made counter arguments several times to statements you all just keep repeating rather than coming up with anything else
and YOU were the one to come out with saying i dont have the experience under my belt to have any weight or opinion on the matter

That entire post.

Look, I wasn’t even arguing with you, I’m just pointing out how this thread has devolved. If affirmation is all you want, good luck.

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57.3 hours and you don’t know how good camo is.

Well, now you know.

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It’s already insanely strong and makes that entire tier of perks worthless because you should never take anything else other than camo.