Button to make bots stack on ping

This is necessary for solo play to stop having these savant moments with the bots where they wipe the whole run with something incredibly unintelligent. I can name multiple spots where you can jump to completely destroy the Co-op bots ability to comprehend reality. After the ladder in the barn on Against the Grain, in the sewers jumping up the left side rather than using the ladder, onto the cart past the first barn of Against the Grain, the second tome on Skittergate, ect.
We don’t need general improvements to the AI anymore; they are pretty decent except for certain spots where they completely $hit the bed.
Just finally give us a button to make the AI walk somewhere and stack on the ping. If they can’t get into that spot after four and a half seconds of attempting their current walkpath make them teleport to the player.
It’d be that easy to make these bots stop wiping runs by being absolutely nutty.


I for one would like to have more control over the bots. For example commands like hold ground, pick this up, use ulti now or focus on this rat here etc.
It can add more tactical approach to the game especially when you can’t find 3 more likeminded humans.
At least they should start approving mods already so maybe modders can do it.

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