Burning question

Just wondering why no one at Fatshark has considered releasing Darktide as an Early Access title.

Hindsight is 20/20 and I honestly think that if V2 was released as an Early Access title in 2018, it would have been more beneficial to maintaining player retention.

My question to everyone here is, would you be more lenient on Fatshark to release Darktide as an Early Access title on Steam?

It would give them a little wiggle room to fix bugs and optimize the game.

Anyone else curious to know why Fatshark doesn’t take advantage of this feature on Steam? It’s worked wonders on other titles including The Forest, Stranded Deep, and Deep Rock Galactic.

Maybe the brains of @FatsharkJulia could weigh in on this as she appears to be the smarter half of Fatshark :wink:


Just because you don’t call a game an Early Access Title doesn’t mean it is no Early Access Title. :smirk:

Joking aside, I somehow don’t believe that FatShark is able to support an Early Access (EA) game appropriately. In my opinion, this strategy requires continuous updates in shorter time frames, open communication between developers and community and the willingness to implement or build upon criticism and ideas. All characteristics that FS does not really practice well in my opinion. I’ve had both good and bad experiences with EA titles so far, and I think that a game like Vermintide or Darktide (which I consider to be conceptually identical) is well suited for this, but as I said, I think the commitment of the developers plays a bigger role.

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