Burning Dregs Talent

I just wanted to remind the devs that burning dregs still incapacitates you if you’ve overcharged past the limit and drop below 50% hp. Once again, I’m talking about when you’ve overcharged past max overcharge.

When you go past 100% overcharge, you lose control of your character and start taking damage until you explode. But you do not explode right away, you have a bit of time before you actually explode. While in this state, you take damage and can’t control your character but you can cast living bomb and prevent yourself from exploding.

The thing is that if you have the Burning Dregs talent is that if you drop below 50% hp while overheated-past-100%, not only does it not vent your overcharge, it also causes you to explode immediately. That is to say it actually cuts short the time you have to cast your ult and prevent your self-explosion.

I’m not saying Burning Dregs should prevent you from exploding if you go past 100%-overcharge, but at the very least, it shouldn’t make you explode FASTER.


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