Bulwark talent needs a rework

I think it’s considered one of the most useless talents… probably it’s true, but its style (the idea behind) is really cool, and it stacks very well with a full-supportive gameplay (example: shields).

The problem is that the effect is almost irrelevant… both because 10% doesn’t make a big difference and because starts a paradoxical situation where you stagger enemies, so you push them out of your mates’ range. When those staggered enemies come back “toward” our weapons, Bulwark’s effect is already finish.

In my opinion we could buff/rework it in something more relevant.


All the level 5 and level 15 talents need to be simplified. They should just be removed from classes altogether and become intrinsic to weapons. The current system adds the illusion of choice while limiting class builds - no Smiter and Thp on kill for RV, UC, and FK just discourages the selection of low cleave, single target weapons like 1H axe and dagger. Yet these 3 classes get both Mainstay and Bulwark, which are largely redundant.


Totally agree.

I mean, those talents are thought to diversify the careers… instead they just limit the gameplay with nonsense and arbitrary “borders”.