Build Momentum bugged for Merc sword + exe sword

Not sure if this has been reported yet, but here we are.

Kruber’s talent “Build Momentum” is only supposed to happen when you land a successful charged attack. However, with the Mercenary Sword and the Executioner Sword the talent is activating when you use the push attack. I tested the halberd, mace, and hammer as well but they did not get Build Momentum when using push attacks. I assume this bug comes from updating those 2 weapons, but I hope this bug is fixed.

On a side note, the weapon improvements have vastly improved those 2 weapons. The lunge on the Executioner Sword makes it so I can actually reach and kill Elites, while the 2 handed sword improvements allow you to actually slay chaos warriors. Very usable weapons. Keep up the great work.

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