Bug fix fixed an intentional design move?

I was catching up on the patch notes for BBB, when I noticed this line from yesterday’s patch notes:

** Additional Bugfixes**
*Fixed an issue where 2h Hammer push attack counted as a heavy attack.

But as far as I can tell, this was intentional, correct? Going back to the original BBB patch notes, the following was the intended modification and was agreed upon by the designer.

2H Hammer (Kruber + Bardin)

  • The push attack now has the same damage profile as the heavy attacks. No tank hit mass count.

So was this reverted back intentionally?? I don’t understand why it was labelled a “bug” and was “fixed”? Can someone explain?

A push attack is a push attack, not a heavy attack. A heavy attack is initiated by holding left click for half a second. Making the push attack have the same damage profile does not mean it is meant to inherit the heavy attack status for the means of talents triggering from it, all that means is it does the same damage, cleave and stagger.

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Ah I see. Cheers.

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