Buff Thrill of The Hunt

Increase Thrill of the Hunt from 20% to 35% reload speed to make it more rewarding.

I believe Huntsman’s reload speed talents were incorrectly nerfed when trying to fix ult stacking. (Machine gun Handgun) He has also lost Keep 'Em Coming (20% reload speed), I imagine a buff would make Handgun Huntsman more rewarding and fluid to play without upsetting the balance.

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My experience with handgun HS since the reload time buff at the start of the Beta is very positive so far I have to say. It feels pretty good with Thrill of the Hunt as is. Comparing HS to other ranged classes, BH has 15% built in as a passive, and now a talent that lets him bypass reloading altogether. Then there’s RV who also has reload speed baked in with a passive, and has the whopping +35% from firing fury - though this doesn’t help handgun builds any.

But then you also have to factor in HS’s Ult. I don’t know what the actual % is, but I’d definitely say that he uses handgun better than RV reload speed wise with a decent headshot rate thanks to thrill of the hunt + Ult. He already does mean work even to Cata Chaos pats with handgun + Ult + a few headshots.

I’d be pretty fine with him getting a reload speed buff through talents or passives, but - at least in the case of a passive buff - it might need to come with a reload speed nerf for his Ult to stop it getting silly. Ideally he’d have the same reload speed overall in Ult, but more compared to now when he’s not in Ult.

Thrill of The Hunt is 20%, ult is 40% (up to 60%)
RV up to 15%, up to 50% with Firing Fury.
BH up to 15% or melee reload, mileage depends on ranged choice and talent selection.

Huntsman can reduce reload time to 1.2 seconds from 1.5, requiring a headshot. 0.6 during ult.
RV can reduce it to 1.27 passively. 0.75 with Firing Fury

It’s more so to make headshots more rewarding compared to a career that can passively compete with Handgun HS on body shots. (outside of ult and high HP targets)

Yeah fair, I’d see no issue with Thrill of the Hunt getting buffed to like, 30%, or maybe even 35% like firing fury. It’d become apparent pretty quick if that turned out to be too much then could be adjusted accordingly.

Edit: As a side note, is Firing Fury often used with handgun? I can see it making sense with crossbow, since it can pull double duty for horde clearing, but hadn’t thought of it as an option for handgun before.

Since handgun has equal cleave with crossbow now, you can now proc Firing Fury just as effectively. So I’d think it’s pretty okay.


Oh damn, guess I didn’t really twig how big that cleave buff was. What’s the advantage of crossbow for RV now then? Crit chance?

50% faster reload speed, easier ammo sustain, still gets like all the headshot breakpoints, and better crit on aim.

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Ok couldn’t remember how much faster crossbow still is reload wise. Cheers for filling me in. Also come to think of it crossbow also has the far better hip fire accuracy.

I wouldn’t object to Thrill of the Hunt being scrapped in favor of an innate 15% reload speed buff like Huntsman’s contemporaries but his passives would become pretty overloaded. The brief window of being able to have Thrill and Makin’ It Look Easy was nice tho.

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