Broken Bogenhafen Insurance Premium Challenge

Issue Summary:
I have found 3 different video guides on how to complete this challenge and found that all three different ways no longer work. I’ve spoken to random people about this challenge and they said no one’s been able to do it in months.

Method 1:

^Trying to jump on that particular ledge at 0:07 is no longer possible. When trying to jump on it, you just slide downwards causing you to take massive amounts of fall damage.

Method 2:

^The jump to the covered blocks with rope at 1:04 seems to have an invisible wall preventing players to jump onto it. I tried jumping without dash and was slightly pushed back then tried it with the Slayer’s leap and was slightly pushed back again.

Method 3:

^At 0:06 there seems to be an invisible wall blocking access to the roof. I could not get up there at all.

All of the above guides were created 3 months ago so something happened in previous patches that now prevents people from completing the Insurance Premium challenge.

I wasted an embarrassing amount of time trying to do this challenge and all various scenarios seem completely impossible.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:
The sad part is that I tried to do this challenge on Legend… with bots… :woman_facepalming:

Please fix as soon as possible.

Maybe it got just fixed but here is me 5s ago:


I hope it got fixed. I had 3 separate people who already have gotten the challenge to help me and they were unable to reach the area for the challenge. That spot that you jumped on, everyone kept sliding off and falling to their death!

Thank you for the video!

EDIT: I spent 20 minutes trying to make that first jump and kept sliding off to my death. I also had a couple of other people try that jump after watching your video and they also slide off the ledge to their death. No one can get that first jump.

Still not fixed.

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Are you still talking about the “1:04” from the same route in the video above or literally the first jump to the first beam?

I had my friends watch your video and we all tried to jump on the shingled roof part to land on the beam and we all slide right off and was downed from fall damage.

I tried to reinstall my game to see maybe if I missed a patch or something and still no one can get it. We tried it on recruit thinking the fall damage would be minimal but still got downed at full health from sliding off.

We gave up after 20 minutes.

Wait, you’re falling off at the first jump? Are you sure you’re making the jump correctly? Because it does work… You’re not supposed to aim for the roof, but the pole sticking out. That might be your problem, are you hitting the wooden wall above and getting pushed back too much?

Yes, I know. People who have already completed the challenge that have been trying to help can’t seem to make that first jump on the pole.

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