Bring back Inspired Shot

I really like this idea

We did it boiz. It’s back better than ever :star_struck:

I might do a BH round up post some time in the next 24 hours to go over the last things it would be good to see cleaned up.

Overall pretty happy with how this last week is going, they’re doing more than I expected, and it looks like our beautiful bounty boi will come out of this pretty well after all.


yo I’m having a blast with it

just reward also feels pretty good (obvs not as good as double shotted but that talent needs nerfing anyway)

Main thing I’d like to see is last shot power get some sort of buff tbh, rn it doesn’t really compete with open wounds imo. Weight of Fire is also a total meme


They couldve just made Inspired Shot replace Last Shot Power instead of adding another chapter to Weapon Swap Buff :thinking:

Good for them for bringing the talent back in some form, though.

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uhh your forgetting prize bounty exists aren’t you?

And you’re forgetting that BH already has nearly unlimited ammo, and that last shot is awful?

To be fair, there’s a difference between having unlimited ammo with Scrounger, and having unlimited ammo with Hunter + never needing to reload…

If they were to replace last shot power it’d make more sense to put weapon swap buff in its place and leave inspired shot on the same row as prized bounty.

Whatevs though, it’s pretty good as it is now.


They should really separate it into its own thing, and make it so it cannot be combined with both Weapon Swap Buff and Open Wounds. Currently, you can 2-shot a chaos warrior on Cata with crossbow crit bodyshots extremely fast just by melee killing 1 enemy between the shots. Combo it with Melee Kill Reload and you kill it even faster. Feels like a must-pick Talent now.


I might be missing something, but If i calculate it with enhanced power, open wounds, Hunter, 40% critpower, the 15% from weapon swap buff and 20% vs chaos, Im still just short of double body critshot with the crossbow.

Not a lot though, so maybe i missed something or the talent still gives the 30%?

I cant test it personally right now. But unless i missed something in the calculator it shouldn’t be possible to 2shot body crit CW on cata

Did the spreadsheet math, yeah it’s just short of a few damage, I’m thinking the FK I was with was boosting me to the 2shot with Tag Team. So I guess you just have to breathe on it after the shots to finish the job.

Also worth noting that you can also kill a Cata CW with crossbow crit-headshots with just 20% crit power if using Open Wounds and Weapons Swap Power (or 20% vs Chaos / 20% CP + 10% Cha if you want to use the Assassin Talent).

Hurray for the return of crit reset.

But God damn what a glass cannon build weapon swap, weapon reload and crossbow with hunter is. Whew lad.

Edit: While it is fantastic that non-crossbows are good again, it opened up for the no reload, hunter crossbow with crits. Should maybe consider replacing the auto reload with something else in the future though.

To be fair, you could do almost the same before on live too.
Crossbow now vs preBBB only gains 15% more power and skipping reload.
Power is not really neaded as one bodycrit will kill everything except CW/Wargor with 40% critpower, Open wounds and Hunter(only CW if you add 10% vsChaos)

The reload skipping is nice in a pinch, but doesnt make it gamebreakingly stronger IMO.
And as you mentioned this setup makes him quite the glasscannon without good mobility.

I think the other weapons benefit far stronger from the BBB than crossbow. To a level where they are viable alternatives even on cata if you dare running around as a glasscanon.

Nice Job FS

The repeater pistol was in my opinion the best weapon pre-BBB. Either way.

You are slightly wrong regarding the crossbow tho, it’s got way more upsides.

There is:

  • Less hassle using the rapier alt fire.
  • You can now use hunter and spam to your hearts content. Making you incredibly strong in melee as well.
  • Reload skipping is not ‘nice in a pinch’, it’s extremely good. It was the main reason the RP was so good relatively before, since you can keep deleting elites/specials mid hordes. Now the crossbow can do it indefinitely.

Again, it’s a glass cannon build. Currently the strongest one (Damage output that is) since BH’s inception.

Edit: also, there is no reason to use crit power on your charm. You already gib everything, so just run 10% inf/chaos, to get bonkers melee damage.

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You could do those both with the pre BBB talents (without free 15% power and the reload) thats what I meant to say in my post.
Rapier’s altfire is king with Inspired Shot and now gets 15% free damage on top^^

Thanks for the info on the charm, will try it once I’m home :slight_smile:

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Indeed you could do it before, but you’d run out of ammo quick, since who takes the middle talent for the ammo alone (It’s so bad lel). And it’s not worth running crit reset on the crossbow without the auto reload in my opinion.

So now after BBB you’ve basically traded 30% damage reduction, for unlimited ammo super crossbow crits (with no reload) and unlimited hunter buff.

Build is pretty wicked, but squishy as hell.

Yeah, there’s a lot of people saying that weapon swap is “mandatory” now, but if you’re running a hunter build then that means needing to take melee reload instead of damage resistance. And in a lot of situations, being tanky enough to escape certain death is a lot more valuable than killing elites a little quicker, since this game has no shortage of careers with good elite dps.

:eyes: me :sweat_smile: it’s basically the exact build I used on live with BoP.

Crossbows reload is relatively short, so it didn‘t bother me that much. Crit reset was statistically the best choice on any ranged and has synergy with rapier. Thats why I always had it on anyway^^

Wouldn‘t say it‘s any more mandatory than before. Especially for crossbow that was most peoples go to weapon, the 15% doesn’t make that much of a difference. I‘d say most people simply didn‘t recognize Inspired Shots value up to now. It has very strong synergy with melee kill reload, but is still strong without.

Most people are so focused on ammo efficiency by scrounger, that the inconvenient Ammo generation through Duty‘s Gift simply wasn‘t a viable alternative to 30% DR or 20% movement speed for them.

Maybe I‘ve gone somewhat off topic to your comments in my rambling, sorry.

Not saying I feel that way myself, just repeating what I keep seeing posted around. Personally, I prefer the 30% DR and I mostly use hunter builds, which means that I mostly end up using prize bounty. I don’t expect that to change, but I might dabble in crit reset builds on xbow and maybe volley, just for fun.

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