Bring back Inspired Shot

I have seen Players thinking that BH needs Inspired Shot (crit reset on melee kill) back, as it made his weaker range weapons viable on him.

I just learned, that a long time ago BH apparantly even had it as a passive trait.
It was removed because of its synergy with Prize Bounty. (Basically you never had to reload, as your on demand critshot didn’t consume ammo. So you could run Hunter on top of not worrying about ammo or reloading at all)

Personally I think FS partially removed the crit reset, because they added melee kill reload, where nearly the same problem would reappear again.
(On demand crit without having to reload. No infinite ammo, but you gain ammo again when you have none left)

I have been thinking of various ways how crit reset could be added again wothout running into that problem.
Besides rearranging half his talent, I have come up with only one solution:

1.) re-add Inspired Shot as a passive trait

2.a) Prize Bounty: Shots affected by Blessed Shots restore 5% ammunition.
(basically scrounger as a talent: 2 ammo for Crossbow/BoP and 3 ammo for RP/Volley Crossbow)
2.b) Prize Bounty: Shots affected by Blessed Shots consume no ammunition, but Inspired Shots can no longer reset the Cooldown of Blessed Shot.

3.) Melee kill reload gets reworked: „Inspired Shot no longer resets the Cooldown of Blessed shots, but instead reloads one ammunition on a Melee kill. Killing an elite while out of ammunition restores 20% of max ammunition.“

These three changes would give us back inspired shot, while preventing any abusive combos and leaving the rest of the skilltree intakt.

Otherwise I can only see the option that FS puts Melee kill reload, Inspired Shot, and Prize Bounty in the same row to get Inspired Shot back.

I sometimes post quite radical Ideas, so in addition to your comments I would like to do a poll this time for better feedback:

  • I want Inspired Shot back as a talent
  • I want Inspired Shot back as a passive trait with these changes (option 2a)
  • I want Inspired Shot back as a passive trait with these changes (option 2b)
  • I want Inspired Shot back, but disagree with these changes
  • I don‘t want Inspired Shot back
  • I don‘t care either way

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Inspired shot should be a passive again, for the sole reason that it creates an interesting way of playing, much like heat management with Sienna.

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I honestly don’t think inspired shot would be broken with melee kill reload. Melee kill reload only reloads 1 bullet per kill, so with weapons like repeater and volley, you would have to melee kill 8 or 3 enemies respectively to have the ammo in the clip remain neutral if using the charged shots. Crossbow’s reload is short enough that not having to reload is not as big of a deal as it is with the other weapons. Bop is the only case I can think of where the talent gives a significant increase in power due to the reload being so awful. Sure you can single shot with volley and repeater, but there are very few breakpoint for volley single shot crit anyways so you will pretty much always use the volley shot against elites at medium to close range. Repeater single shot damage falloff starts very very close so it’s not like you will be nailing elites like crossbow does currently. If anything, inspired shot and melee kill reload is a really nice synergy which bounty hunter needs being the weakest saltz class.

I actually don’t think this would be much of a problem except, you guessed it, on crossbow. If melee kill reload was reworked to load a percentage of your clip instead, requiring crossbow to score multiple kills to reload Its one shot clip, I think that would be enough to stop abuse of the combo.

I don’t know if there’s enough time left in this beta though for any of this sadly. I really hope our boy isn’t left out in the cold on this one.


Remove crit aura and replace with inspiring shot, crit has no synergy with kit, would be better suited for Merc.

This is about BH not huntsman

That’s a nice idea, but i don‘t know if the game can actually do it. It usually handles stuff like this by rounding up or down. I presumed the game would simply never reload the Crossbow in that case.

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Ah well inspiring shot was more inline with crit and passive if they wanted more back and forth flow… Inspiring - Melee kills reset range auto crit l, ranged kills add a melee auto crit.

Yeah making it work would probably be more trouble than they’re willing to put in at this stage of the beta. I’m just sick of crossbow ruining other good potential synergies.


True. As of right now i feel Crossbow is the only truly viable option on him anymore.
Part of me hopes they just leave him as he is on live. Melee kill reload is basically the only talent thats working as intended and worth the hassle anyway.
I mean it says a lot when you change 6 talents, 2 are buggy, 1 is paired with extreme micromanagement around 0 ammo (double weird as a range career that starts each map with 50% more ammo anyway) 1 is a straight downgrade for BH himself and the last one doesnt change the ult in a meaningfull matter for what its supposed to do.


As polarizing as the build is, I’ve had a lot of success with prize bounty+hunter repeater builds. It’s quite potent burst damage against dense hordes and leaves plenty of ammo for spamming specials with left click. I’ve pretty much given up on BoP and volley on BH though. They just don’t have any notable niches.

Regarding BH’s talents though, yeah new shotgun and and last shot power are worthless. And weapon swap is good only because it’s bugged to stack twice and give a permanent buff. I never liked it myself, but I’d be fine with them returning inspired shot, because as it is I only use the old talents anyways and weapon swap buff doesnt even belong in that row.

IMO, what they should do is delete last shot power, put weapon swap buff in its place, and return inspired shot.


They are somewhat servicable on BH, but nowwhere near the level of what a range career should be able to achieve with his arsenal. Every other career can make good use of all their ranged options (maybe stuggle with one option a bit) but on Salty, all weapons appear extremely lackluster except Crossbow.
Its already his strongest weapon and benefits the most from his standard Blessed Shot passive.
All the other weapons fire faster and with lower damage, thats why the guaranteed crit every 10 seconds becomes so much less usefull on them in comparison. Inspired Shot was the only way to reliably keep them on a viable level.

Prize Bounty is fun on RP and is definately a good option if you want to use its alt fire a lot. But at the same time it heavily restricts you in when/how you use your altfire. I always cringe when I altfire without the Buff as it takes away one seventh of my total ammo. Or the other way around. When I have Prize Bounty up, a singlefire with RP just feels like the worst trade ever.
So I basically feel like the game forces me to altfire every 10 seconds.

Last shot power is very strong, its just so much unnecessary micromanagement playing around the 0 ammo marker. Especially since you start out with 50% more ammo. If it was changed to behave depending on your ammo left in your magazine it would be so much more accessible and actually feel rewarding IMO


I think you could do it, if you used a stacking buff. If for example one stack gave 20% magazine fill, you could get up to five stacks by killing enemies in melee. Every time you switch weapons, the buff is converted into bullets in the magazine. That way you would need to kill three enemies in melee to reload one crossbow bolt, while it Edit: a single kill in melee would get you two bullets for the outrider pistol (8/5 = 1.6) and two bullets for BoP (12/5 = 2.4).
This way might have too much synergy with a certain other skill though, as it would give you the maximum benefit for an empty magazine until you decide to switch weapons. To counter that effect, the skill could auto-activate the moment the maximum stack count is reached, or when the full magazine can be reloaded by the available stacks (slight integrated nerf for crossbow, as it will already happen at 3 stacks instead of 5).
As BH is not my main class (I don’t have the consistent aim for it) I can’t really judge if this might make it overpowered. Let me know what you guys think.


Looks like we lost lads, Inspired shot ain’t coming back. Crossbow for the entirety of the unforeseen future then.

If you haven’t already. Give BoP with weapon swap buff (at least as long as it’s bugged to give double effect lol) and melee kill reload a go. Actually been performing better with it than crossbow in solo Cata recently, though I think that’s mostly just how good BoP is more than anything to do with BH.

There could be another patch before the end of the week with some luck, so I say keep pushing. The HS folk won on his rework for now. I like weapon swap buff and melee reload kill (though I think they both need further tweaks), so if anything is gonna go to bring Inspired Shot back, I hope it’s Last Shot Power (even though I love the idea, it’s the hardest to balance/make work).

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Did y’all see that brytarn voted? there is hope

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Hahaha good spot. Not sure what to make of what they voted for though :stuck_out_tongue:

If FS is worried about crit-spam with Inspired Shot, they can always throw a cooldown on it like they did with Shade’s ammo Talent. Players would still be able to earn crits, just not all the time.

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Probably just showing that they’re impartial. Not like they can change the wording in the poll :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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could change inspired shot so that blessed shot’s cooldown no longer refreshes over time and instead can only be reset via melee kills.

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