Bring Back Burbelspue

I know Fantasy and 30/40k are not Connected but
Burblespue however was Hands Down the best Enemy Lord we had in V2. His Voicelines were the very best.

“Esteemed Guest…” That Voicelines make me laugh everytime even after 1000hrs. Its just so funny really.

So i really wanna see him come back XD as an “Esteemed Guest”

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I like Raksnitt’s crazyness and Nurgloth’s hybris better than Halescourge’s manners. The warriors were also kind of cool but Rasknitt and Nurgloth are probably my favorites when it comes to the “villain speech”.

Rasknitt was okay, and Nurgloth has no chance against Burble… IMO XD

If they bring him back, I would hope he does more than being stationary and teleporting.

I would like to see him with some different mechanics and fight patterns in terms of how raid bosses behave.

The snot mechanic while cool is too easily avoidable.

He does have the best boss dialogue.

Flying bosses could work if we have a higher amount of Ranged firepower (maybe even Stationary turrets if needed)

Seeing a Chaos Psyker float out of reach until you kill his pet/palls and then he come down till his pet is back up again

Or a Chaos Dragon/Rotfly who fly down on us but if you stun if it stqy on the ground longer, leaving you able to hit the passenger

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Definitely! I mean, the voicelines are all well and good, but boss fights in general could be a bit more dynamic…it’s a real pity that bosses usually just stand in the corner like a punching bag and only seem to wait for the BH to delightfully drink his potion and aim at their head. Unfortunately, the real threat in V2 comes more from the adds than from the boss.

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