Bright Wizard Mace feels so good!

I just wanted to say that the mecanic and animation tweeks made to the bright wizard’s two handed mace (since the first beta) are fantastic! I mained Sienna in the first closed beta and found the mace’s animations kinda stilted and unsatisfying but now its got that visceral meatiness I usually associate with vermintide melee. I know this change was made a little while ago, and it may seem minor, but I just wanted to express my appreciation for this change!

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How do you control crowds with it?

Hold down block. Now press and hold your attack button. Block attack FTW :). Straight horizontal cleave.


Spamming light attacks is ok for small rat clusters but you need to get used to charged attacks for larger masses. After the first charged attack (the overhead power attack) every follow-up charged attack is horizontal (its not perfectly horizontal, its kinda diagonal) so after the first one you can spam cc charged attacks infinatly (until you block or stip for too long)

It has poor cc when compaired to the twohanded hammer (dwarf/ kruber) but I feel like that is ballenced IMO because Sienna is a ranged power house, not melee.

This works great as well!

So no way to actually cc above veteran, huh.

I play legend/champ with mace and hp600,totally wreks enemies/sv and mace doesnt need kruger like cc imo.


I don’t really find the mace to be in a good spot. I agree the overheads are great at smashing armored enemies and it has good cleave power, but only when your swings actually connect to enemies. The diagonal swings feel awful, and they don’t hit enough enemies with how long it takes to make the swing. In addition, the only heavy attack that pierces armor is the overhead, unlike other characters’ hammers. You have to block-cancel into repeated charged overheads to reliably kill armored things like Stormvermin, Chaos Warriors, Warpfire Throwers, and Ratling Gunners.
I think it’s more than a little awkward.

The block attack is decent for getting rats knocked back; but otherwise, no. The mace isn’t made for CC, it is there as a heavy damage dealer and it does that job admirably. Using it with a beam or flamestorm staff makes an exceptional combo.

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