[Bretonnian Weapons] First light attack uppercut

Does the first light attack of the Bretonnian Weapons count as an uppercut attack? If so, shouldn’t they both have +10% crit chance?

why does it need 10% crit just because it’s an uppercut?, in that logic the glaive should have it too on the heavy attack

Don’t think it was touched in this regard though logic is sound, uppercuts we’re
Added crit because impossible to land headshots… but since it’s a newly balanced weapon guess it wasn’t considered as well as not relying on headshots with only that swing. Though maybe would be useful for a certain crit talent build

That would make light 1 block cancelled over and over potentially very strong with GK’s insta kill crit talent, so maybe it’s intentional? Also it’s a pretty shallow angle, so I’m not sure it’s actually all that hard to headshot with, which was the purpose of adding the additional crit to uppercuts.


I’d say yes to 10% crit on the bret sword and shield

longsword doesn’t need any buffs, it’s already a great weapon

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