Bretonian Skin Acheivement Bugged

Been working on the Bretonian Longsword Skin Acheivement, block 3 attacks and kill boss without getting hit for a week now in Beta and been unable to achieve it. Decided to do two runs back to back tonight, solo, to guarantee the achievement and it didn’t deliver - extremely disappointing.

Screenshots show before boss and after, first boss I blocked 5 light strikes in a row and killed it taking no damage (as seen in screenshots), no achievement. Second boss I blocked 4 light strikes in a row taking no damage and killed it, no achievement. Please fix ASAP! Wouldn’t mind a retroactive achievement either. :sweat_smile:

That guy doesn’t count as a boss.
Neither do the 6 other “boss entities”

You need a monster (not a boss), note that event spawned monsters should work.

If I remember well, it’s not blocking, you need to parry it. Parry is the Bret LS’s special feature when you charge an attack.

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Strangely enough, it seems to work on Bodvarr.
Helped a guy get the longsword sking with him about a day ago.

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The achievement reads “block,” but I will try the BLS special parry ability too. The first monster (first two pictures) was an event spawned monster, so it should have counted with five blocks and killing him without taking damage. The second one, though a boss, I’ve heard work for others, thus the concern the achievement is broken. If it requires the special parry ability (which I’ve never heard anyone say), then the achievement is written wrong and misleading.

It requires to parry. (which means block, but by maintaining your heavy hit)

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What is your native language? In the english description it says “riposte” instead of block, I believe. Maybe a translation error? Anyway, you need to indeed hold down your heavy attack (left mouse button default) and block by doing that, instead of holding block (right mouse button default), as others have said.

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