Bretonian dance

Hi all, I got a problem with this dance. I absolutely love the music but can’t find it anywhere to download. Any idea on how or where to get it??? The best would be not to have heroes scream jumping every 3s.

You get music? I don’t even know how to get the Bretonnian dance.

Please tell me!

At the end of machines of war, in the town where you wait for the boat, there is a tavern. In one corner you can ear the house cracking. If you just perfectly with the rhythm, the music will slowly start. Look up YouTube video for the right emplacement!


The music is available in the Collector’s Edition digital soundtrack :slight_smile:


Thanks, then I’ll know what to look for next time I play that map. :slight_smile:

Jump Puzzle (By Jonas Hellberg)

If you have collectors edition (probably need the dlc too):
Steam\steamapps\common\Warhammer Vermintide 2\Collectors Edition\Soundtrack\Back to Ubersreik Soundtrack\04 Bonus - Jump Puzzle (By Jonas Hellberg).WAV

If not here is a -> YoutubeLink <-


Thanks a lot for that, guess I’m just too stingy!

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