Brand NEW Costumes for Heroes, not New Colors

Is that so hard for the Devs to do ?! They Just keep adding new colors for the same costumes again and again


Costume for Zealot for example

Srsly stop spamming


I flagged his post as spam. This guy is unreformable :confused: and only trashing around. Btw. why no unlike/hide posts option on this forum?

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Haxorzist, Maddred ,… whatever I post they right away , here all over my D

People are probably getting fed up lol. You have made a lot of threads in the last few days about zealot or a new job for salty. And you seem to get píssy with anyone who disagrees with you. Maybe just chill out a little and try to see other people’s points of view.


report me , ban me

Yes, people have reported this thread as spam. But why do you want to get banned? Just take 5 mate

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Because These no life Haxorzist, Maddred are everywhere all over , I don’t care bout the Forum but the game ,

Everybody REPORT this TOPIC as SPAM ! Thx

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well tbh i wont be to sad should you actually get banned, your annoying enough to not be missed.

you claim to care about the game, guess what sunshine other people on this forum do so aswell

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