BountyHunter discussion

Fatshark. How long is it takes to understand that trying to force players to do specific tasks is a bad idea. You make the ironbreakers tunnel fighter stackable and it force players to not just playing the game but trying to get 5 sec cooldown as fast as it possible. That was stupid idea and you admitted that. So whats the difference between tunnel fighter and Bounty Hunting. Why i should play a minigame “find enemy (even if its not on the map now) and kill it FIRST whatever it cost” istead of just playing the game, doing my job and act out the role. You can go this way instead: When BH killing any special/elite/boss he gets X % faster cooldown and X depends on which one special/elite BH kill. So now you can play with a numbers and balance it as you need.
BH is a range carier but the ONLY way to sustain your ammo - pick up scrounger. You added talent that that gives you 20% ammo when killing elites, but Only if you go out fo ammo completly. What if you make it so: you get 20% ammo when killing elites if you have zero ammo in your pouches (a mean you still might have some ammo loaded). And istead of being the part of a talent it maght be a BH passive, in line with Quick Rlease and Ammo Pouches. Melee Kill Reload seems good itself. If it seems to OP you can always play with numbers (20%).

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