Bountyhunter 3.0

Oh, how I miss that glorious talent. Personally I think it was the strongest of the three, but it did have potential to be abusively OP in certain combinations.
I think FS took it out because it was statistically the lowest pic, not because of its performance. (probably due to most people running Crossbow with Cruel Fortune/Prize Bounty)

On the other Hand, the new Weapon Swap Buff has very nice potential (if it were to work correctly…)
with improving weight of fire like i suggested, it is easy to reach a lot of 2shot bodyshot breakpoints on legend and 2 shot bodyshot breakpoints for specials/ 3 shot bodyshot breakpoints for elites on cata. With a little boost to max ammo and therefore BHs ammo sustain through scrounger BoP would be a very good weapon again.

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So, nerf for shade, gk, ws and pyro to a degree when?
They might can’t stagger, but not getting hit isn’t any bit harder than to score a hs (on most bosses).

Trying some more Cata with bots using BH, and the move speed talent getting gutted hurts so bad. BH feels way harder to clutch with now, and trying to get shots off when you’re last man standing is painful. As much as I like the idea of the new talents, I can’t shake the feeling that overall he just got a nerf he didn’t deserve, with an insignificant buff to alternate builds that will continue to underperform regardless.


True, i totally forgot that they nerfed it to 10% after making it partywide.

If 20% partywide is too much, it should get changed so that BH gets 10% on top or even base.

I think it would be pretty cool if it was reverted to the live talent but with an additional 10% dodge distance.

Yeah, that way BH can kite effectively, clutch a bit and have some mobility that’s unique to the other ranged careers that synergises with the melee build they have now.


So 20% movement and 10% dodge distance for victor only?

I can dig that. Gives the overall option of Evasion, reload utility, and Damage Reduction in that row.

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Added it to the first post. Thanks for rhe input :slight_smile:


I’m almost certain they changed it due to low pick rate, so this kind of a buff makes perfect sense to me. I really really hope they implement something like this, because as it is they’ve made a low pick rate talent significantly less desirable, which is frankly maddening.


To me the (live) ms buff was never really desireable.
Since you can’t ignore specials, so you can’t get a speedboost on demand. And what do you want with a lowish, more or less randomly times movement boost? I rather picked the other.
10% dodge maybe would make it a bit better.

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