Bounty Hunting Talent Doesn't Work?

I had it on and I killed 5+ bounties but it didn’t seem to lower the cd (after using ult, countdown still starts from 1:10). Another forum thread says that it is bugged when playing as non-host, but when I tried hosting and kill some bounties, cd still starts from 1:10.


It gives cooldown rate not cooldown reduction, so at 5 procs you would get 50% increased cooldown rate which is basically 25% cooldown reduction


Pretty sure 50% increased rate would be equivalent to a 33% cooldown reduction. Thanks for the info, was confused when the bar kept starting at the same place despite killing bounties, but from memory I did seem to have my Ult a lot so it increasing rate makes perfect sense.

Glad to know it is actually functioning, but boy does the UI for this talent need some help. A tally would be great, and clearer icons/enemy name would be helpful, as they’re not all immediately visually distinguishable from the icons as is. Ideally it always gives you an enemy that is actually somewhere within a set distance of you, so you don’t get bounties for entirely the wrong faction from what you’re fighting.

Talent idea is really cool, with a bit of polish I think it’ll be a fantastic option for that row (once they finally fix double shotted 80% cooldown reduction, obviously).

Edit: Also, does anyone know how many times it stacks? I presume 5?

The previous talent was what 15%? cooldown reduction and could be applied multiple times via ranged crits. Given the unreliability of the bounty system and the frankly unimpressive numbers, isn’t this actually a nerf?

Depends a little how many times it can stack. It’s also worth noting it’s a permanent cooldown reduction for every Ult, rather than just a reduction for the next Ult.

But yes, I agree in its current state it’s effectively a nerf. The concept is fun though, so I’d rather see the numbers and mechanism tweaked than abandon it. The main problem with it currently for me is increasing cooldown rate stacks kinda badly with itself and straight cooldown reductions (eg the +10% from a trinket).

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