Bounty hunter ult cooldown talent doesnt work

The talent doesnt seem to do much of anything now


There was a thread about this earlier in the beta, but long story short it gives you a cooldown regen increase, not a cooldown reduction.

E.g. With 5 stacks (+100% cooldown regen) you have an effective cooldown reduction of 50%, so your Ult should recharge in 35 seconds, assuming no other sources of cooldown reduction.

If you watch your Ult bar recharging after 5 or so bounties you should be able to notice how fast your Ult bar is recharging, at 10 or more stacks it starts to be pretty hilarious.

I know. In my most recent matches it seems to not give anything anymore. I got five or so bounties and my cd rate was still the exact same as doubleshotted ie 1 sec = 1 second ticks down on the timer.

Oh strange I’ll have to give it a go and see. Wonder how it could have gotten broke.

Just tested and damn, you’re right, how the heck was it broken and when?


I’m pretty sure it broke with patch 9


I can also confirm, Bounty Hunting gives no extra cooldown since the most recent patch.

Is it possible? Thanks for sharing this information.

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